Wild Earth Exotic Travel Kit
Rs. 245.00

Wild Earth Exotic Travel Kit

Travelling can play havoc with your skin.This travel kit contains 30 ml bottle of Ginger Lime Shampoo, 30 ml Rose Honey Body Wash & 30 ml Saffron Almond Moisturising Body Lotion. Now travel well with all your favourite indulgences every time.

Gift your loved ones a box full of happiness, natural and pure, just like your love. 

The natural sulphates& parabens free body wash, shampoo & body lotion will save you from using hotel toiletries you are not familiar with. The bottles are sealed and packed in a beautiful, compact box to avoid leakage and ease of travelling. It fits into your purse as well as it fits into your suitcase.

Contents :

1) 30 ml Face & Body Wash

2) 30 ml Conditioning Shampoo

3) 30 ml Moisturising Body Lotion