Why I chose entrepreneurship over a six figure salary - Part III

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Once I quit my job with the leading entertainment channel, I felt a boulder lift off my shoulders. I felt free. I felt light. 

The fact that the company had asked me to work on a project from home also added to the comfort factor. I had to go to work for a few hours every week and I could work from home the rest of the days. It was truly an ideal scenario and I must thank my immediate boss then, who went out of her way to work out this situation. My case also paved the way for a lot of women who had babies after that and the company worked out similar alternatives for them too. Kudos to them for the initiative.

Work kept flowing in pretty steadily and one project after another followed. Based on my experiences with Mamma Mania (the book I had authored), I was even called in to write the pregnancy phase of a leading daily soap. This was a new one for me as though I had always written scenes, given feedback, changed them, I had never really written a full tv soap. But the ratings soared and I held myself in good stead even in this new role.

Though as I mentioned earlier, I soon got tired of the routine again. The soap writing didn’t really give me a high after a point and I decided to move on, again much to the shock of everyone.

I now shifted to full time script heading where I worked from home and was responsible for all the writing which happened on a show. This was a role I enjoyed. Working with other writers, giving them direction as per the channel’s requirements and getting a steady income month after month kind of brought things to normalcy, if not to an exciting one.

I had quit my job in August 2011. Now was December 2013. In this span, I had spearheaded several shows and even written and produced a telefilm. The fact that Sia was almost 5, in school for a better part of the day and needed me less, were all adding upto something. Only at that point, I didn’t know what.

It had been almost 20 years in media. I had done everything there was to do. Nothing was challenging me anymore. I felt stagnated. The money was great but the work wasn’t. I was tired of reporting to others and their fragile egos, taking feedback from people half as good as I was and the worst part was that television was getting more and more regressive. The regressiveness was something I couldn’t bring myself to digest even if I tried to accommodate the first two.

In my heart, I knew I was done with tv. I was dying to do something new though I didn’t know what. I was sure only of one thing. It had to be something drastically different from media.

I still kept pushing along thinking that this is what I am good at. Surely the 40’s can’t be the right time to plunge into something completely new. But destiny had other plans.

One day in December 2013, I read a quote which changed the way I thought and heralded me towards a direction I had never ever dreamt I would take. It said, ‘Work on your own dreams before someone hires you to work on theirs’.

It hit right where it was supposed to. What it manifested into and how, will be a part of the final blog in this series. Thank you for your patience.

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