• Hemal Makhija

    Shabia, you are a wonderful gem and an awesome human being. There was something special I felt when I first spoke to you and since then journey of life has been simply beautiful.. In daily run many a times I start getting entrapped into low energies and you being karmic angel of mine walk me through it smoothly and don’t let me ponder away from my values. Thank you for filling me with abundant joy, peace and handholding me. Thank you for inspiring millions like me, hope you continue to spread your magic of love always. Stay gorgeous, stay blessed and happy always. ??

  • Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    Thank you ma,am for such an inspiring article. To be honest i always proceed this way as you written above .i also started from a zero when my husband ended up all relations leaving me with two kids and no money, no home to stay in . But i didnt leave the warfield and fought for bread n butter and all . Now after 11 years i can see me on a strong land . I agree with you if one works hard and obviously works smart , success will come to them.

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