Ankahee Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Randeep wasn’t sure he had heard it right. Was she asking to hug him?

He looked at her as if to reconfirm. Ruhi looked determined. She raised her eyebrows quizzically? ‘I am not asking for a crore of rupees Randeep, it's only a hug I am asking for’, she said non chalantly.

He couldn't but smile at her statement. Yes it was true. It was only a hug. For her it was just that. For him, it had been a dilemma. Always. Should he hug, should he not? When should he hug? What would Nimmi think? Would she appreciate it or repel it? But with Ruhi he didn't have to think of all these things.

She was asking for just a hug and he should as easily give her that, wasn't it that simple, Randeep reasoned.

He slowly moved towards her as she held out her arms. He walked into them. She hugged him tight as if passing on her energies to him. He realised he was tensed but her easy body language and the honesty of the hug relaxed him. He felt each muscle of his body relax as every fibre of his body touched hers. It was a warm hug, from a friend to a friend, there was nothing sexual about it. Yet it felt better than sex.

Randeep realised how starved he was of touch. And what he had been missing so far. He just didn't want it to end as he felt her palms lightly brush his back. He could feel her face very close to his. His arms too lay on her back. She made no attempt to end the hug nor was she awkward.

He thought how well she fitted into his arms. He could feel her heartbeat in his chest and her warm breath against her his cheeks. He had dreamt, wished, thought about this closeness with Ruhi a million times in his head yet the purity with which it had happened today shook him to the core.

Randeep realised how comfortable Ruhi was with touch. Ironically he had only lived the opposite till today.

Ruhi smiled as she left his arms and moved a bit away, her arms still on his arms.

‘You ok?’she asked him with a smile on her face.

‘Yes, I feel a lot better, honestly. I didn't think a hug could take off so much burden’, Randeep said.

‘Good, you promised me dinner. So before you go back on your word, Let's go. I am starving’, she made a sorry face at him.

Randeep laughed, ‘Oh I am sorry, come let's go. Any specific cuisine you prefer’?

Ruhi laughed, ‘I am not at all choosy Randeep. Anywhere you are comfortable Mr. CEO.’, she teased him.

‘Come’, he guided her towards the lift and then to his car.

She was surprised he didn't choose a 5 star restaurant fitting his status. He chose a small beach restaurant.

‘I hope you don't mind having dinner here,’ he said to her.

Ruhi nodded, ‘I love the sea Randeep. It's perfect.’

Once they had settled and ordered their food, Randeep asked, ‘So tell me is the hug a part of the healing too?

Ruhi smiled. ‘You know Randeep its surprising how much we underestimate touch. It's the single most biggest healing technique mankind has.’

Randeep was listening intently. Seeing him interested in what she was saying she continued further, ‘Have you ever seen a child who has gotten hurt? What makes him stop crying is the not the medicine but a hug from his mother.

‘You are right’. Randeep acknowledged.

‘We all need touch Randeep, each one of us and lots of it. Don't mind, but when I touched your palms, I realised that you have been deprived of touch for too long. I don't mean to pry or comment on your private life but a big part of the healing my mother believes in is synced in touch and the positive effects of it.

She was interrupted by the waiter who came with the food. Randeep was glad for the interruption. Her statement about him being deprived of touch had hit him hard. How could she know so much about him by just touching him. It seemed she could read his soul and it scared him but at the same time comforted him too, atleast he could be himself with her.

As they silently dug into their food, Randeep observed how peaceful she looked. She was at ease with him. There was no discomfort or awkwardness usually associated with boss and employee. He now could attribute this self assuredness to her mother who had given her a great foundation to stand on. But was there nothing which ruffled her? No skeletons, no past like him? What angered her or made her sad? The thoughts kept him occupied.

Ruhi made no attempt to break his thought process. She let him be.

Finally he looked up at her. She looked at him too. With her there was no half measure. She always looked at him straight in the eye and it spoke a lot about her as a person. He had learnt that in his years of professional experience.

'So when the healer needs healing, whom does she go to for a hug?', Randeep asked and soon regretted it. 'How could he be so direct?' He was shocked by his own question.

But Ruhi seemed unaffected.

He waited with bated breath for an answer but all he got was a smile. 'Did that mean she had someone in her life?' He wasn't so sure now if he wanted to know the answer. be continued.

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