Ankahee Chapter 61

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Ep 61

As he lay her on the bed, he stared at her for a long time. It still seemed surreal that she was in his arms. He caressed her hair, kissed her forehead as he clasped her fingers within his.

‘Oh how I have missed you Ru..I cannot even explain’. He said lying beside her, looking at her.

‘Dee I still cannot believe that you quit your job for me.’, she said softly caressing his hair.

He kissed her forehead gently, ‘I could eave the world for you Ru. You are my destiny. I cannot love without you, not for a bit.’ He said softly looking into her eyes.

A tear escaped her eye at his declaration and then another and then another. He wiped the first one, then the next and the next. ‘Shhhh…You don’t need to shed so many tears. I could drown in just one teardrop of yours Ru’. He said rubbing her nose with his.

She smiled then looking at him and hugged him tightly.

‘Dee.. I cannot believe this is not a dream. Are you here for real? Make me believe its for real.’, she urged him.

He bit her nose then gently. She complained it hurt. ‘See its real.. I told you.’, he laughed mischieviously.

She bit his cheek then and he cribbed. This time she laughed.

He then lay back on the pillow as she put her head on his chest and fiddled with his shirt.

He closed his eyes and she smiled. ‘You have got that look Dee.’

‘What look?’, he asked.

‘That look when you want to tell me something but you are trying to build suspense.’, she offered.

He laughed. ‘True that. You know me so well Ru’.

‘Say na then. I want to hear it.’ She moved closer towards his cheek and kissed him.

‘I will. But first let me have my fill.’ He suddenly found her lips and kissed her passionately, his hands roaming all over her back as he crushed her with his weight.

She didn’t want him to stop but he did stop.

‘You know Ru, next week is the final hearing of your divorce’, he proclaimed proudly.

‘Really?’ she exclaimed her eyes sparkling now.

‘Yes.. No more of that bastard, no more harassment, no more beatings, no more scars.’ As he said this he found a scar on the nape of her neck and kissed it.

She smiled through her tears at his tenderness. She was going to be free. That seemed like heaven.

‘And then…’ he stopped.

‘And then?’ she asked.

‘And then Nimmi and I are going to apply for divorce’.he said.

She turned towards him then. ‘I hope the press don’t have a field day at your expense, actually both your expense.’ She said concerned at the consequences.

‘No, Nimmi and I will address the press together. That way there will be no room for misquotes or for blaming you for our breakup’, He suggested.

She was touched at how much he protected her from everything.

‘And then?’

‘Then Nimmi will wait for a month or so before shifting in with her Mr. handsome to Dubai.’he elaborated.

‘And then’? she said again.

‘Then you and I after about three months, when the euphoria dies down can shift in together.’ He said slowly.

She let that sink in…She took a deep breath. Was it going to come true? Would she be able to wake up beside him everyday?

He caressed her cheek as he tried to read her thoughts.

‘Would you like to live with me Ru?’ he asked her.

‘Depends.. if you make love to me as you had promised and if I am happy with it, I shall think about it’, she said feigning an attitude.

‘Oh I guess my life depends on it. I might as well put my best foot forward then’ he said laughingly as his lips found her neck to nibble on and his hands started exploring her.

‘Miss Manral. You will never forget this night for the rest of your life. I promise.’ He whispered seductively in her ear.

‘Amen’, she said naughtily.

And he reached out to put off the lights.

… be continued.

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