Ankahee Chapter 60

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Ep 60

He took her in his arms then and she held him tightly, still not very sure that it wasn’t a dream.

Her tears started flowing again thinking how close she had come to losing him.

He caressed her, uttering soft words, trying to assure her but her sobs failed to recede.

Finally he sighed and said, ‘Now I know only one thing to make you stop crying Ru.’

She looked at him a bit surprised and without warning, his lips found hers crushing her against him as he embraced her closely to fill her with his warmth.

She was caught off guard but soon his kiss started having the desired effect on her.

She kissed him back and soon her troubled heart was pumping with desire for him. Oh how much she had wanted to kiss him, she remembered.

He could taste her tears through the kiss and he felt bad at how much he had made her cry. That hadn’t been his intention. He had intended to make her happy, very happy. Sadly it didn’t turn out that way.

A sound outside the door made him step away from Ruhi and they both sobered up. Randeep got up and in an instant he was near the door to take the tray from Raavee who had come with coffee.

‘Thank you Ravs… Just what I needed.’, he said to her.

Placing the tray down he hugged her, ‘I am sorry. I think I caused both mother and daughter a lot of trouble without knowing it’, he apologised honestly.

Raavee patted his cheek and said, ‘You are hale and hearty Randeep. That’s what matters. The world is good.’

Randeep kissed her forehead. ‘Yes with you and Ruhi by my side, my world is complete Ravs. The only thing missing was coffee and we have that too now’, he said handing her a mug and then one to Ruhi.

He then looked at Raavee and said, ‘If you don’t mind my inappropriateness, I am going to sit next to your daughter with my arms around her. I have missed being with her a lot.’

Raavee smiled and said, ‘Not at all Randeep. I know how much you two have missed each other. You make my daughter happy and that’s all really what I care about.’ She said smilingly.

He tightened his arm around Ruhi and she smiled looking at her mom who was looking at both of them lovingly.

‘So tell us Randeep what made you take the flight and then miss it, Thank God for that but solve the mystery please.’Raavee asked him.

‘Oh yes, I do owe both of you an explanation. So my hand started giving up on me a few days back.’ He said. Ruhi looked at him with concern and her hand instantly went to his arm. Randeep held her fingers in his lovingly.

‘The pain just kept increasing. I don’t know why or how. I went to several doctors there, the best in the world but all they kept saying was that its stress. Nothing they did helped me. Not the physio, not the medicines. I realised I couldn’t go on like this. I mean, I would set up a channel but what good it was if I was going to be in so much pain.’ He took a sip of the coffee as Ruhi looked at him with concern as she caressed his arm that was causing the trouble.

‘I started thinking how I could come back to India. How I could be with Ruhi if she couldn’t come to be with me. I knew I couldn’t live without her. I had to figure out a way to be with her, if I had to live or breathe.’

Raavee listened intently at Randeep, the man who loved her daughter so much, he was ready to do whatever it takes.

‘Why didn’t you tell me it was that bad Dee.. I would have shown you how to press some points.’, Ruhi complained.

‘The pain in my arm was symbolic Ru… What would you have done about the pain in my heart? The pain of being away from you.’ He looked in her eyes and they filled with tears again.

‘Thankfully Nimmi saw it and she and I started discussing it. Talking with her helped me get clarity on what I could do. So I started working on something.’

‘What’? Ruhi asked.

‘Will tell you, rather show you. But first let me complete why I am here and how I defied death.’ He said to her.

‘As soon as the plan was concrete I called Bhasker to Dubai. He, me and Nimmi met in Dubai. So you see, I did take the flight from singapore but it had a stopover in Dubai. I got off at Dubai and it crashed after that.’he said softly realising himself how close he had come to death.

Ruhi instinctively squeezed his hand.

Raavee too nodded, for a few moments all of them were silent.

Ruhi broke the silence. ‘But why was your phone off?’

‘Bhasker had fixed a series of meetings. I didn’t want anyone to call me or disturb me. I wanted to finish it quickly and come and surprise you. But sadly something else happened.’ He said regretfully.

‘When I finished the meetings, I was so happy. I wanted you to tell you in person. I didn’t want you to know on phone.’ He said softly to her.

Raavee asked, ‘But what is it that you are going to do Randeep?’

Randeep now smiled. ‘Ravs I finish my stint in Singapore in a week from now. I have resigned from the post. The chairman was angry but gave in’.

Ruhi looked at him in disbelief. ‘And? What will you do now?’

‘I am starting my own enterprise Ru. We will be partners, you and I. Of course you can continue your job if you wish. But we will be expert consultants to media houses. We will produce and create our own quality content and sell them to all viewing platforms.’ He explained.

‘Wow Dee that sounds awesome.’ Ruhi explained.

‘Yes. In fact Bhasker and I ave had our first set of meetings with a couple of international agencies and they have already started promoting us and asking us for content.’ He explained proudly.

He sounded excited like a child. Ruhi was really happy to see his excitement. She hugged him and he hugged her back.

Raavee too congratulated him. Sensing that they needed to be with each other, she said that she was going to spend the night at a friends place as she was feeling lonely.

Randeep went out with her as she stepped out.

‘You don’t need to do this Ravs. You stay. I will go back home.’ He said to her holding her by the shoulders.

‘Randeep I have seen her cry like a baby since morning. She needs you. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you together. You stay.’ Raavee said.

‘Ok then let my driver drop you Ravs. And yes, you are the coolest mom one can have, you know.’ He winked at her.

She hugged him and after gathering her stuff left. Ruhi wished her goodbye.

As soon as she left, Randeep picked up Ruhi in his arms.

‘I didn’t want Raavee to go honestly but a part of me wanted to be with you all night Ru. I love you’ he barely finished his sentence as he kissed her hungrily and she reciprocated back.

‘So should we start with something?’ he said trying to catch his breath.

‘What?’ she asked curiously.

And as he put her down, he rushed to his bag and opened it to pull out atleast a dozen of bottles of nail polishes.

Ruhi smiled, ‘With you, its never going to be one or two ever, true Dee? She said laughingly.

‘No Ru I will never kiss or make love to you only once or twice. It will always be much much more.’ He said as he again started kissing her all over.

‘Then I guess, we must start immediately Boss’, she smiled wickedly.

‘Yes as immediately as we can’ he whispered in her ear sending a tingle down her spine with his warm breath.

… be continued.

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