Ankahee - Chapter 59

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Ep 59

She opened the door and there he was. She couldnt believe if he was there for real or it was her eyes playing tricks.

She stood dumbfounded.

For a moment he too looked shocked to see her like that. She looked dishevelled, broken, as if she had been crying for several hours.

He said, ‘Ru.. what happened? Its me Randeep’.

He said moving towards her to take her into his arms.

‘Dee.. you.. you is it really you?’ she put her hands on his arms to stop him from taking her into his arms and first having a full look at him.

‘Of course its me Ru.. What happened? I thought I would surprise you but you look as uf you have seen a ghost.. what happened darling?’ He tried to pull her closer but she resisted still not believing him.

‘Wait Dee… you… you were… you… your…’, she tried to find the words.

He pulled her into his arms forcibly now. He wanted to calm her. Something wasn’t right. But what?

She again pulled herself back. ‘Where were you Dee… Your phone… it was off.. you know how many times I tried your phone.. You wanted to surprise me… I died trying your number.’ Her voice now started getting angry…

She hit him with both hands…He tried to stop her. He wasn’t sure why she was angry.

She sobbed as she hit him.. ‘You disappear and then suddenly turn up and think you can just walk in like that?’ She started hitting him with closed fists on his chest as she sobbed bitterly.

‘Ru.. Ru.. listen to me… Can I explain?’ He asked gently working thru her anger.

‘No you cant..’, she shot back..’You cant’, she roared with anger in between sobs and then she started crying, hiding her face in his chest as she let go.

‘Ru… listen.. listen to me.. just one minute..’ But before he could complete what he was saying, she collapsed in his arms. He held her and she had fainted.

‘Oh shit.. Ru…’ He held her and knelt down and patted her cheeks to revive her.

‘Raaaveeeeee….’ He shouted.

Raavee woke up with a start. Did she hear Randeep’s voice?

She rushed to the hall… And she was shocked to see both Randeep and then her daughter lying lifeless in his arms.

Raavee rushed to get some water as Randeep picked Ruhi in his arms and lay her on the bed. Raavee came rushing back and Randeep sprinkled some water in Ruhi.

Raavee patted her cheeks. ‘Ruhi get up darling..See who is here.. Ruhi..’

Randeep sprinkled some water again and patted her cheeks.

Raavee looked worried and went to call the doctor.

Randeep checked Ruhi’s pulse. It was quite weak. Her bp was really low, he guessed.

As he cursed to himself and tried to pick her again to take her to the hospital, Ruhi opened her eyes slowly. Randeep let out a sigh of relief.

‘Raavee get some sugar water quickly.’ He shouted.

‘Ru…just hold on… don’t say anything..Just relax… We will get thru this darling.’

Raavee rushed and was back in a few minutes.

Randeep made Ruhi have the water and she pulled herself up to sit.

She looked at Randeep and again her tears started to flow. Randeep looked at Raavee still confused and she gestured him with her eyes to console her.

Randeep moved from the side of the bed to hold Ruhi. Raavee excused herself to see where the doctor had reached.

Randeep took Ruhi in his arms, ‘What happened Ru? Is everything ok? Did that bastard call you again?’

Ruhi now wiped her tears off and said, ‘Obviously you don’t know Dee… but the plane you boarded or had supposedly boarded crashed today morning.’

Randeep was shocked to hear that…

‘What are you saying? Damn… Oh my God Ru… I am so so sorry… I just had no idea but I can imagine what you went through’. He squeezed her into his arms as she sobbed again holding him.

‘Its ok.. My darling.. I am safe.. And I will explain everything..But first I want you to calm down… I have something to tell you.’

And she looked at him with teary but hopeful eyes.

Nothing mattered right now..He was safe and with her. The news could wait..

….to be continued.

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  • I am loving your writing.
    I am also thankful that you kept Randeep alive.
    Waiting for more ????

    Rajkumari on

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