Ankahee Chapter 58

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Ep 58

Ruhi tried all assumptions in her head. Maybe Randeep never boarded the flight. Maybe he missed it. Maybe he had high fever and he couldn’t reach the airport. Maybe the Singapore office was mistaken.

But then if any of the above would have happened, why was his phone off? As she sat on the chair, her head reeled. Someone pushed a glass of water in her hands and urged her to drink.

On an impulse, Ruhi rushed to her secretary. She asked her to try calling Nimmi but her phone was unreachable too. The secretary called the house help who informed that she was on a flight to Dubai.

Ruhi ran her fingers through her hair. The world was really closing in on her. Oh God, let nothing happen to my Dee, she whispered.

As she rushed out to catch the news update, they were still trying to get the count on the dead and the injured. They still didn’t have names.

Ruhi tried calling Randeep again. But the phone was switched off.

She wanted to scream her lungs out but she had to keep herself composed. Everyone in the office was gloomy and was trying to get news of Randeep from somewhere or the other. The singapore office was tensed too and so was the chairman when he heard about it.

But for all of her colleagues, Randeep was the boss, a colleague. But for her, he was her Dee, her life.

Somehow she caught a cab and reached home. As soon as the door opened, she collapsed into Raavee’s arms. She just couldn’t word what she wanted to say. All that came out of her mouth were gasps of pain and cries.

Raavee got her a cup of coffee and tried to calm her down but Ruhi just couldn’t bring herself to believe this was happening to her. When would her bad luck leave her?

They kept flipping channels to catch more information. But nothing so far.

Just like that, in a moment, her sky of rainbow had turned into a dark one. Just like that, her world had come crashing down, Just like that, her Dee had disappeared, without so much of a note or a bye.

She kept crying all through the day. News kept coming in from office. And as every hour passed, her hopes of getting Dee back dimmed further. The plane had crashed into the sea and it was difficult to get to the crash site easily.

Night came and Raavee fell asleep for a bit. She was too tired and heartbroken to see her daughter going to pieces. There was no news of Nimmi either. Her phone was still switched off.

Oh how Ruhi wished, she would call and Randeep would pick up. How she wished she could hear his voice just once.

She broke down bitterly and held her stomach as she cried. The pain of losing Dee was unbearable. Crying inconsolably, she dialled Randeep’s number once again.

And this time it rang. Ruhi was shocked and surprised both.

His voice boomed, ‘Yes my darling. Open the door please.’

She didn’t know whether she was hallucinating or thinking or going mad. She said hello feebly and again his voice came on.

‘Ru open the door darling, Its me Randeep’. And as it sunk in, Ruhi without a thoughy, in the state she was in, dishevelled, grief stricken, hardly breathing rushed towards the door.

And as she ran towards the entrance, her mind kept saying, ‘Let it be him God.. Let it not be my mind playing tricks… Just let it be him’

And then she opened the door.

……to be continued.

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