Ankahee Chapter 56

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Episode 56

Randeep dived into his work straight. He knew that was the only solution to keep his mind off Ruhi. Atleast till night.

There was loads to catch up on. Aarya, his associate who was in charge of the project brought him upto speed. They were supposed to create two hundred hours of airable content for South East Asia. It was a huge project for them and time was a luxury.

Between meetings, reading project reports, brainstorming, approving and rejecting ideas, Randeep just forgot that it was well past lunch time. An sms from Ruhi brought him back to notice the time.

'Lunch Time. Please eat.' She had written.

He smiled to himself. She knew him so well.

He rested his head back on his chair. It was a relief to think of her. It instantly freshened him up. He suddenly knew why he was here. To finish the project as quickly as he could and go back to her arms.

As he called in his lunch, his thoughts drifted to her. He browsed through their pictures on his phone. And seeing her made him miss her even more.

He messaged her, 'How is the CEO doing?'

'God, its tough being one Dee. How did you manage it for so many years? Everyone looks at you for answers.Phew!' She wrote.

Randeep smiled at her reply. He messaged back. 'I had a very good content head, you know. Get yourself one. Will make your job easier.'

She sighed. He was right. Now that she had taken his place, she needed someone to take hers. But who?

She messaged him back. 'You think I could promote Suhail? He is good at his work.'

Randeep felt a tad bit jealous, just a twinge. He grudged that Suhail would be around Ruhi all the time while he was here all alone.

'You need to decide yourself Ru. You are the CEO. If you think he can take your place, by all means, go ahead.' He messaged nevertheless.

'Thank you for making my job easier,' she said sarcastically. He had left it to her and not helped her a bit, she scowled to herself.

He sent her kisses on the phone and she was forced to smile.

She sighed. She missed him like hell. To be able to see him, to walk over to him, to hug him, to listen to him, to have him paint her nails, to have him kiss her, to have him make love to her, oh what she could have not given to have him with her.

She bent down to lift the seam of her trouser a bit. The anklet gleamed. She was wearing his favourite one. Instantly she clicked a picture and sent it to him.

The picture made him nostalgic. How excited she had been when he had poured all of them in front of her.

His thoughts wee broken by Aarya and Ruhi was called by the chairman.

The hours flew by for both thankfully as their new roles posed challenges and kept them busy.

He reached home earlier than her due to the time difference. But he couldn’t go to sleep without speaking to her.

He messaged her to reach home and skype him. She worried that she might get too late. She didn’t want him staying up so late for her. But she knew he would wait up.

Somehow she finished whatever she had to do and rush to the lift. Suhail joined her and enquired if she was up for a coffee.

Ruhi apologetically refused saying she had to take her mom to dinner but she would meet him in the morning for coffee, she assured him. Suhail wasn’t very happy but had to agree. After all, he did know that her mom was in town.

Her mom welcomed her at the door.

Ruhi shouted, 'Maa will just chat with Dee for a bit and then join you. He has been waiting for hours already.'

Raavee smiled. Oh the joy of being in love! She knew that feeling.

Ruhi couldn’t wait to see Randeep and as he came online, she just couldn’t hold back her joy. Her eyes turned misty as she touched the laptop screen to touch his face.

'Hey Ru… No tears.. ok? You look gorgeous in that jump suit.' He said to distract her.

'Thanks Dee… ', She tried to compose herself.

'How have you been Dee? Did you eat? I miss you so much.'

'Will you put that strand of hair on your face back gently, as I would do it?' He asked.

She nodded and did it.

'Now would you kiss my Ru for me?'

She smiled, again turning emotional, looking away to avoid him seeing her.

'Arey Ru. Listen. See.. See here.. ', He turned his laptop around to show her his residence.

'Wow.. Dee its gorgeous. '

'Not as much as you.' He whispered.

'Hows your hand Dee? Does it pain?' She asked

'Yes, a bit. But its manageable.'

She sighed. She knew it must be quite a bit but he was downplaying it.

'Achha tell me what do you miss about me the most?', he asked

'You kissing my forehead… Dee… I miss that the most.

'Why that?' he asked

'It made me feel protected, loved, cared for. Always.!', she replied honestly.

He said, 'Bring yourself closer.'

She leaned towards the screen and he kissed her on the forehead or atleast she felt that through the screen.

She smiled. 'What do you miss about me Dee?'

'I miss your hug Ru. It is my favourite place. Warm and secure and cosy. My go to place for every stress, tiredness, problem.'he confessed

She smiled sadly. 'Now how do I hug you from here Dee?'

'You hug yourself Ru. I will feel hugged. Because You are me and Me is Ru.'

She smiled and he gestured her to go on.

She slowly wrapped her hands around herself.

'Go on, hug tighter Ru. Feel me in your arms. And you will find me there.'

She closed her eyes to live that sensation.

He watched her smiling. He missed her terribly, so terribly, he couldnt even tell her.

She opened her eyes to see him. He said, 'You must be tired, Now go to sleep my darling.'

She put her palm on the screen and he matched it with his. They said their goodbyes but even when their screens went off, they kept sitting there, lost in thought.

Ruhi wrapped herself with her hands again.

Randeep saw her picture and caressed the screen to feel her.

The longing in his heart was unbearable and he could see the pain in his hand rising too slowly.

Long after Ruhi had dinner with her mother and went to sleep, she could feel Randeep around her. And as she drifted into sleep, she could feel his hands wrapped firmly over her.

The world could wait. She felt loved and safe for now.

… be continued.

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