Ankahee Chapter 54

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Episode 54

There was excitement all around. Randeep winked at Ruhi and she smiled, not still sure if all this was true.

The chairman lingered around for some time and then left after interacting with Randeep and Ruhi for some time, discussing the roadmap for the next three months.

Ruhi suggested a few things and the chairman remarked to Randeep that he is glad to say that the chose the right person. Randeep,s face beamed with pride to hear that.

The chairman left soon after and so did the staff after a round of snacks and chatting amongst themselves. Ruhi announced that she would meet everyone the next morning to plan the next course of action. Everyone wished Randeep goodbye and some even went misty eyed. Of course Randeep would be a part of the channel but he was now in a bigger role and his visits would be really rare.

When they finally found a moment together, Randeep held Ruhi,s hand and took her towards his chair. He gestured her to sit. She refused.

'No Dee… That’s your place.' She complained.

'And I am yours, so my place is also yours na?' He asked gently.

She nodded her head and went towards the window. Everything had happened too quickly and she still wasn’t sure if it had sunk in.

He went and stood next to her.

'Listen Ru, I would rather you have my place than anyone else. It’s a matter of great pride for me that you are taking my place. I am so proud of you Ru. Damn you make me so proud as a boss.' He said honestly.

She looked at him, her eyes were teary.

'Why does this happiness come at the cost of losing you Dee?' She asked sadly.

'Shhhh… You are not losing me Ru. Its only three months. We will handle it, You will see.'

She retorted back, 'And then after three months, they will send you to another country, and then another. You are so good at your work, its bound to happen Dee.'

'I haven’t thought that far but yes if it happens, you can travel with me, by then am sure your case will come thru.', he said.

'So many ifs and buts Dee… I don’t know…' She flung her hands in the air in desperation.

'Ru..can we just take three months at a time. I am sure there will be problems. I am not saying its going to be easy. Damn I used to stand here and look at you from this glass pane thinking whn ai could hold you in my arms and kiss you. At that time, it seemed impossible. But today I can kiss you, I can take you in my arms.. There were problems, but we reached here, didn’t we? I am sure we will find the road ahead too.'

She sighed. He was right. Each word he was saying was right. Damn, he was right every time. She said it aloud and he burst laughing.

'Oh Ru..Ru.. You are the most adorable woman I have met. Now get yourself into that chair so I can click a picture of the new CEO at her desk.'

She started to say something and he gestured her towards the chair. Finally she gave in and went and sat in the chair.

'That’s my girl,' he exclaimed. 'Now if only you smile can I have a nice picture of you to take to Singapore.' He urged her to smile and she smiled seeing his enthusiasm.

They ended up clicking a lot of selfies together after that. Randeep was keen on taking them with him.

Finally the moment to depart arrived. Randeep had to go to Nimmi and Ruhi to her mom. Randeep kissed her on her forehead and said, 'take care of my Ru, will you?'

She nodded wistfully.
They both left office together and he offered to drop her home.

She said, 'Let me get used to going home without you Dee.'

He let her be and didn’t push her.

She hailed a cab and after giving him one last look she sat in the cab and drove away.

He kept looking after her and then got into his car.

His phone beeped and it was from Ruhi. 'Will miss you Dee.. Don’t know how to live without you but will try.'

He pursed his lips reading that and ran his fingers through his hair.

It was going to be the most difficult trip, this one for him. He was leaving his life behind.

He messaged her back. 'Love you Ru. You know how much. Miss me but not too much. I don’t want you sad when you miss me. Remember all the wonderful things we did together. The anklets, the shower, the nailpaint and when you remember them, smile. Don’t do injustice to them by crying, promise?'

She started crying the moment she read the message. But wrote back, 'Promise.'

He reached home and Nimmi and he had dinner together. Nimmi was sad too that Randeep was going. They chatted like best friends and Randeep told her how much he was missing Ruhi already.

Nimmi felt a tad bit jealous and she said it to him and he hugged her.

She embraced him and let her face rest against his chest.

'You are the best thing which happened to me Deep. Wouldn’t want to trade whatever time I spent with you for anything or anyone else.' she said emotionally.

'You sure?' He teased her. 'Not anyone?' She laughed. He was such a giver, this man. In a strange way she loved him immensely. It was just that it was not husband wife kind of love.

They chatted late into the night and then Randeep went to his room to pack. He had to leave in a couple of hours. He had an early morning flight.

He had asked Ruhi not to come to the airport. He didn’t want her driving at night plus he knew she would be very emotional about him finally leaving.

Ruhi lay her head in Raavee's lap and kept drawing circles on the bedsheet. Raavee knew what her daughter was going through and tried to cheer her up with childhood tales of Ruhi.

Nimmi accompanied Randeep to the airport. They hugged one last time as Randeep wished Nimmi a great time with her love. 'Remember I am just a call away and I am still your husband, in case you need anything Nimms.' He said authoritatively.

Nimmi held him by the shoulders, 'Take care of yourself Deep. Especially your arm. And if there is anything you want me to do for Ruhi, let me know.' She said genuinely.

He hugged her once more emotionally. She was special to him and would always be, his wife of so many years.

He finally bid her goodbye and as he entered the airport gate to check in, Ruhi stepped put from behind a pillar and watched him go. He was taking everything with him, her soul, her heart, her life and yet he wantd her to smile.

And smile she did, only that the smile was all wet with tears.

It was time to start walking alone, her Dee had gone, she thought as she started walking towards home.

… be continued.

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