Ankahee Chapter 53

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Episode 53

He let her sob her heart out. She looked at him and said, ‘No Dee, I do not want you to leave the opportunity but my heart is not listening to me. What should I do Dee’ and she burst into a fresh bout of tears.

He hugged her and whispered, ‘I know, I know Ru.. I am feeling the same. Only thing is I cannot cry like you. But listen to me darling. We both have to be strong, ok? Our love is meant to strengthen us, not weaken us. You are my biggest strength. I am going to carry your love with me and that and only that will help me tide over these three months. Ok? And I am going to leave my love behind for you. You have to be strong Ru if you want me to go. But if you don’t want me to go, say it just once and I wont go, you know it!’
He said with a strong determination in his voice.

And she knew he meant it. He never said things just for the hec of it.

She dug her face deep into his chest and he waited till the sobs stopped.

She rubbed of her tears with her palms like a little schoolgirl and his heart went out to her. She looked really vulnerable and beaten, not like the strong Ruhi he was used to seeing in office, totally in command, confident in her skin, a leader.

He asked the air hostess to get a juice for her and once she had it, she felt better. Her head was aching with so much crying and he tapped his shoulder to signal her to nap. She nodded her head, ‘Such less time we have and you want me to sleep’? she asked.

‘Because if you are sleeping, you wont cry na?’ He joked.

She smiled then and he hugged her, ‘I love you when you smile Ru. It makes life so much easier for me. Your tears cause me too much pain. Don’t cry sweetheart.’ He whispered to her

She smiled then, her eyes going blurry again with tears with his words but she held them back. She didn’t want him to go with worries of her on his mind. After all, he was going to be all alone there.

She rest her head against his shoulder. He kissed her on her head. She turned and kissed him on his lips and soon they were locked in a kiss. Ruhi suddenly got conscious of the other passengers and blushed. Randeep smiled seeing her discomfort.

‘What am I doing kissing a married man in the plane?’, she asked playfully.

‘The married man has kidnapped you and is forcing you to do all these things, you know.’ He offered an explanation.

She nodded, ‘Exactly.’

He was happy to see her finally coming back to normalcy.

She remained calm and positive throughout their journey back.

Raavee was ecstatic to see them back and Randeep gave her a warm hug. ‘Hows my girlfriend?’, he asked.

Raavee retorted, ‘As well as you left her’. She offered coffee and Randeep couldn’t resist spending some more time with her and Ruhi.

He had to head back to office to meet the chairman who would be arriving at 4. He still had about 30 minutes to spare.

Raavee came back with hot steaming cups of coffee while Ruhi and Randeep held hands of what was probably their last private moment together.

He had told her he would head home after meeting the chairman and saying his goodbyes to the Mumbai staff. He owed an evening to Nimmi and Ruhi agreed to that wholeheartedly. She was still his wife and his best friend.

They laughed and chatted and filled Raavee in with talks about Goa and she remembered her own days when she had gone there with Ruhi’s dad.

As Randeep wished Raavee goodbye, he emotionally told her that he was leaving his most precious thing with her. His Ruhi.

Raavee nodded and patted his hand. ‘Don’t worry. I will take care of her but you take care of yourself there Champ. And call me when you need some sound advice or a scolding.’, she offered.

He hugged her then feeling like his mom was talking to him and she hugged him back. She loved him a lot for loving her daughter so much. He was a treasure, one that needed to be treasured and appreciated.

He said a quick goodbye to Ruhi at the door, kissing her cheek as Raavee excused herself to the kitchen.

‘I will see you in the office at about 5 Ru. That’s when the chairman introduces the new boss to everyone. You need to be there, ok? I want to be sure your equation with him is right from day one.’ He said gently.

She looked nervous now and he assured her that all will be fine. Her talent and skills would never let her down, he reminded her and hugged her tightly.

And then in a jiffy he was gone.

Ruhi closed the door and tears spilt from her eyes.

That was their last hug for the next three months.

Raavee saw Ruhi crying and Ruhi rushed to her arms.

‘You are much stronger than this Ru, isnt it?’, she said gently caressing her back.

‘Yes ma, but when your soul is plucked out of your body and sent away, does the strength count?’, she asked looking at her for answers.

‘I understand. But this is what it is. He loves you and that should give you all the strength to face any distance, any seperation. And remember its temporary.’ Raavee said to her.

Ruhi nodded and took a deep breath.

She wore her most professional clothes, put on some makeup and now looked like the perfect content head of a leading channel.

She kissed Raavee and said, ‘Wish me luck ma, not only do I have to say goodbye to Randeep, I also have to say hello to the man who will take his place.’

Raavee nodded, ‘You will be fine, my dear. Don’t worry so much.’

Ruhi hailed a cab and within half an hour was in office. She suddenly realised she was entering office for the first time after her accident.

Everyone was very happy to see her, enquiring about her health. She thanked suhail from the bottom of her heart for all that he had done for her.

Suhail was really happy to see her hale and hearty. So was Anupriya who filled her in with all that she had missed.

Ruhi asked about Randeep and Anupriya told her that they were in an intense meeting for the past hour.

Everyone was sad to see Randeep go but there was also a mixed anticipation to meet the new person.

It was a tough wait and Ruhi could sense the edginess in the air.

Finally much after 5 pm, the two men emerged.

Randeep’s eyes searched through everyone before landing on Ruhi. Just by his gaze, she felt warm all over and got conscious if the others could sense the effect he had on her. A few hours back they had been making love in Goa. The thought sent a fuzzy feeling down her spine.

The chairman addressed everyone informing about Randeep’s promotion and subsequent move to Singapore. Everyone cheered and clapped for Randeep. He totally deserved it. Even Ruhi forgot her sadness and felt really, really proud of him.

The chairman now announced that since Randeep was heading abroad, they needed someone to fill his place and across the board there was one unanimous choice for that position. As everyone awaited to see who was it, the chairman said, ‘I will leave it to Randeep to announce the name and hand over the mantle to that person.’

All eyes turned to see if there was anyone who was in the board room and would make an appearance. Ruhi too was tensed and nervous and tried to see who it was.

Randeep in his deep voice finally announced, ‘My dear friends and colleagues, put your hands together for the new CEO and your new boss Ms. Ruhi Manral.’ As he looked at her, she looked completely shocked.

Had he really taken her name? He had as everyone clapped and cheered and also heaved a huge aigh of relief. They loved Ruhi and who better than her to lead the team.

Randeep and the chairman beckoned her to join them and as she made her way thru her colleagues, Randeep looked at her, beaming with pride and joy.

She reached him and he shook hands with her and said, ‘There is no boss Ru. You are the boss’ in her ears as he hugged her.

The chairman too wished her and congratulated her and told her that it was very well deserve as almost all board members had unanimously suggested her name and when Randeep too put his stamp of approval on it, it was final.

On another occasion this huge professional success would have been such a high, but today it came at the cost of losing Randeep and sending him away.

She didn’t know if she should feel happy or sad. Life was indeed strange.

… be continued.

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