Ankahee Chapter 52

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Episode 52

As the water hit both of them, it swept away all of Ruhi’s fears for the moment. Randeep’s strong arms held her as the water slid over their faces and slipped over their bodies. She looked irresistibly appealing now as he put off the shower with one hand while holding her with another hand.

The water droplets glistened on her skin and he couldn’t resist bringing his lips to them leaving little kisses behind as she went closer to him and held him tight. He himself looked very sexy and she couldn’t help but notice once again how fit and handsome he was even at his age.

Their hands explored each others bodies as they soaped each other and then the water rushed over them taking with it all the soap bubbles and their sense of time too.

They looked at each other, wet and wild with desire. Ruhi’s eyes gave her desire away and Randeep teased her about it. She blushed and kissed his lips passionately and then whispered, ‘I want you Dee. More than I have ever wanted anything’.

Her words aroused him even more and without breaking contact with her, he pulled one of the towels, wrapped her into it and carried her in his arms in one big swoop.

The walk from the shower to the bedroom seemed like eternity to Ruhi and she complained about it.
He smiled seeing her impatience and lay her on the bed, unable to hold himself back either.

The lovemaking was slow and leisurely this time and Ruhi savoured it to the fullest. When he entered her, she felt their souls unite, not just their bodies and she wondered how they both had stayed away from this pleasure for years.

After Randeep had satisfied her completely, Ruhi teased him that it was her turn now and he was onlu too happy to oblige. He had yearned for a woman he loved to make love to him. And Ruhi was just that. He let her discover him as she wanted and she showed him all that she knew and so beautifully that he lay all spent and smiling before her. Her touch healed him completely and filled in all those places which had been dead and vacant for a long, long time.

He silently sent up a prayer thanking the almighty for sending Ruhi to him. And she caught the expression on his face. She raised her eyebrows in a quizzical expression and he nodded saying, ‘When your dreams and desires come true, always remember to thank him. Mom taught me. Doing just that’. Randeep explained.

She lay next to him then, ‘What was she like Dee? Your mom?’

As he caressed her back lightly with his fingers, ‘She was wonderful Ru. Like a warm cinnamon roll on a cold winter morning. I was her world. I am sure all only sons are the world to their moms.’he replied remembering her nostalgically.

‘Hmmm… True. Did she know about you and Nimmi’? Ruhi asked gently.

‘I think she guessed. Of course she never asked me. But I think she could sense my unhappiness. Because a few years into my marriage and she started falling ill very frequently. I realised much later she was worrying about me constantly. Finally the worries manifested into breast cancer and passed away. I had lost dad when I was sixteen, so with her passing away, I was left all alone.', he said sadly.

Ruhi instinctively hugged him as if trying to wipe away his loneliness. She could relate with him in that sense as she too had lost her father early in life. But atleast she had her mom.

Randeep kissed her nose and gently bit it. She pretended to be angry and pulled his ears.

Her hair was wet and he fussed about she catching a cold. She argued she wouldn’t. But he insisted she went and blow dried it.

'I wouldn’t want you to fall sick when I am not here Ru.' He told her and she had to bow in to his concerns.

As he heard the dryer in the bathroom, his own thoughts wandered to his life in Singapore. How would he fill his hours after work? He hoped that he could finish the project quickly and come back. For Ruhi. For himself.

When she came back, she saw Randeep fast asleep and snoring gently. She sat next to him and watched him sleep for a very long time. He had a deeply contented look on his face and she was happy seeing that. She put the bedsheet over him and wandered to the courtyard.

Her first meeting with Randeep flashed thru her memory. He had been her boss then. Now he was her life.

The next day passed of in a blur. They had woken up twice in the night and ended up making love. Morning was no different. They just couldn’t get enough of each other.

But by afternoon, Ruhi had started panicking. He could see it though she tried hard not to show it. As they packed their bags and checked out of the hotel, she had retreated into her shell and nothing he said could bring her out. She had fallen into a gloom and was scared that if she spoke a word, her feelings would all come rushing out.

The two days in Goa had been a dream but it was time now to face the harsh reality that awaited both of them.

In the car ride towards the airport, Ruhi kept looking outside the window. Randeep held her, tried to cheer her up but she just couldn’t look at him lest he saw the fear of losing him in her eyes.

'Speak to me Ru. Tell me what you are thinking. Dont shut me out like this', he begged of her but she was stoic in her expression.

He sighed still holding her but feeling helpless.

The ride back was so different than when they were coming in. They had been happy and full of hope.

As they boarded the plane, Ruhi just couldn’t hold herself back. She settled on her seat and as soon as Randeep sat next to her and held her hand, she looked at him and burst into tears.

His heart broke to see her like that and he held her in his arms tightly hoping his hug could soothe her and calm her and put her fears to rest.

But how could he deny what she felt when his own heart felt heavy. In fact the pain in his arm had started to creep in. It was always a signal to the state of his mind.

He could feel her body shaking against him with her sobs and he just didn’t know how to console her.

Finally he said, 'I am going to cancel my trip to Singapore Ru. I cannot at any cost see you crying like this.'

She turned her face up towards him and through her tears tried saying a no. But she didn’t succeed.

And his own eyes went all misty to see her face wet with tears.

……to be continued.

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