Ankahee Chapter 51

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Episode 51

She hung up the phone as she caught Randeep looking at her.

She threw the phone on the bed and came and sat on his lap putting her arms around him.

‘Hmmm.. What you looking at Dee?’ she asked naughtily.

‘Nothing. Just thinking no one should have the right to rule over someone’s heart so much.’, he said kissing her.

‘Hmmm. True that. But why do you let someone do that? Stop them na.’, she offered cheekily.

‘Ya… You are right. I must do something about it.’ He kissed her on the forehead. ‘What do you suggest I do?’

‘Hmmm… let me think.. Maybe punish them for what they are doing to you.’, she said seriously.

‘Punish them is a good idea.’ He said pretending to think.

‘See I always offer good suggestions.’

He patted her back and said, ‘Let me take you out first, then I will come back and punish that person, ok?’

‘What do you have in mind?’, she asked smilingly knowing she was challenging him.

‘I am going to tease her, kiss her, cuddle her but not make love to her. Like leave her halfway.’ He suggested.

‘You think you will be able to do that? Sounds a bit cruel, no?’ she said.

He bit her ear. ‘You must see what she does to me. Doesn’t leave my mind. Doesn’t let me sleep. I keep thinking of her all the time. All I want to do is to be with her. Some magician she is, I tell you.’

She giggled. ‘Really Dee… You must do something about her.’

She got out of his lap then and pulled him on his feet.

‘Chalo.. before you start the punishment right away.’ She laughed.

‘Ya Ya, I have a long night ahead. We better go quickly and come back’, he playfully added.

They left their room and walked towards the beach hand in hand. Every now and then, they would stop to hug or kiss.

‘Hows Nimmi doing?’ Ruhi enquired.

‘She is having a blast. I am really happy to see her happy.’, Randeep confessed.

‘And you Dee? Are you happy to have me?’, she seriously asked him looking deep into his eyes, holding both his hands in hers.

‘Why do you ask that Ru? Aren’t all my actions telling you what I feel for you?’ he asked pushing away the flying strands away from her face.

‘I am not the perfect woman to have Dee… Abused, beaten, scarred, lot of baggage. Even physically I have so many scars to remind you of my past.’ She said looking at him earnestly.

‘You are also peace, beauty, happiness, calm… More than anything you are the breath I inhale every moment. You are life Ru. I started living only after I met you, after you hugged me, after you touched me. Making love to you is like drawing energy from you. I feel so, so alive, so loved, so cared for.’ He said drawing her into his arms.

She smiled going up on her feet and kissing him on his forehead.

‘I love you Dee… More than my own life. Your going away is something I cant bear but I know to be together, we both will have to pass this test of seperation. I also know that had you not have to pay to that bastard ex husband of mine, you probably could have refused this job too.’ She looked sad as she said this.

‘Hey.. don’t blame yourself Ru. I didn’t do it for you. I did it for myself. I can be very selfish when it comes to what I need, you know. I needed you. I wanted you. It’s a pity he only asked for money, I could have given my last breath to have you.’ He said softly, his lips barely a few inches away from her.

As she said this, she put her fingers on his lips. He kissed her fingers and soon they were locked in a deep kiss which didn’t need any more words or assurances.

The water wet their feet but nothing could break their kiss. They were so engrossed in it that they didn’t even realise how dark it had gotten or how there was no one on the beach at this time.

She was the first one to move away. He smiled at her as she was out of breath.

They had a quiet dinner in one of the beach shacks, enjoying each others company where Randeep told her about his role and project in Singapore and what it entailed.

She surprised him with a few brilliant suggestions he could use and he felt very proud of her. It was so heartening to know how intelligently she had used her abilities despite her bad marraige and difficult circumstances.

As they walked back, Randeep called the chairman to discuss some plans. He also made a few other calls to Suhail and Anupriya to check on the goings on in office.

In their room courtyard, Randeep attended to some mails sitting in her embrace while she gently caressed his hair and kept kissing him in between. Every now and then he would turn to get a taste of her.

Working while sitting in her arms made the work seem so easy.

‘Should I get you some coffee.. Dee?’she asked him gently.

‘But that will take you away from me. No.’he said adamantly.

She laughed at his childish excuse. He kept tuping and then he saw her feet.

He turned and said, ‘Hey Ru… What happened to painting your nails? I must do it before I leave.’He suggested biting her nose lightly.

‘Be my guest Mr. Kapoor.’ She said.

‘Ok after work, madame..’ he bent a bit to show his eagerness.

She remembered how he had totally concentrated on painting perfectly. She told him that.

‘Only thing is after that I saw you the way I would never like to see you again Ru. Hurt, injured, bleeding.’ He kept his laptop away suddenly and hugged her as if he was reminded of the visual.

‘You know when you lay still and unconscious in the hospital, I kept looking at your toes from outside hoping you would wiggle them and I could paint them again.’ He said with a pained look on his face.

She caressed his cheek to distract him. ‘Forget it Dee… its done and over with’.

He nodded pressing his arm a bit and trying to rotate his shoulders.

‘Paining again? Here, give me your arm.’ She ordered.

‘I think it’s the typing. Nothing much.’ He tried telling her.

‘No, it’s the stress of remembering the accident. Your body always responds to stress, remember that Randeep. Remember this when I am not around too.’she said and then regretted it.

She could see his face stiffen with that line.

She realised that as a woman it was always easier to express your pain plus Randep had always been very sensitive to what she was feeling. Men didn’t have it so easy. They were always supposed to be tough, not cry, not express which she thought was very unfair. She knew Randeep was hurting much more than she did probably.

He tried to hide the pain from his face but she could see it. She took his arm and as she tried to relieve him of his pain, she also encouraged him to tell her what he was feeling.

‘Tell me Dee.. tell me whatever is going through your mind. Your pain, your fears, your doubts.. I want to hear it all.’ She said softly.

‘I am very scared of losing you again Ru. I have almost lost you twice. I don’t know how I will live there without worrying about you.’, he said looking at her.

‘I will take care of myself, Dee. I promise.’ She said. ‘Ma is also there.’

‘And if that bastard troubles you, you will tell me and not hide it from me like you did earlier.’ He asked raising a brow.

‘No I wont.’ He twitched as she pressed a particularly painful point.

‘And when your arm pains, what will you do?’she asked him back.

‘I will call you.’ He said like an obedient child.

‘Yes.. or skype me. I will show you what to do, ok?’

‘Ok.. my darling..’ He took his arm back and pulled her into his arms.

‘That’s enough. Your touch takes all my pains away.’ He said pulling her up on her feet and picking her in his arms.

‘If you allow me now, I would like to do some things which I wont be able to do on skype.’ He said naughtily.

‘Oh yes. Skype hasn’t advanced so much yet’, she laughed.

She told him to wait as she wanted to have a quick shower before sleeping and Randeep found the idea quite exciting.

So as soon as she was inside, he knocked saying he wanted to tell her something urgently and as she opened the bathroom door, he entered in saying they must save water for the good of the entire world by having a shower together.

Ruhi giggled at his naughtiness but the idea was too enticing to refuse.

As she stepped into the bath with him, the thought of his going away and how much she would miss him again started bothering her.

Three months was a long time. She just hoped she would be able to pull through it without losing her sanity.

She decided then that as soon as she got back to Mumbai, she would join work as quickly as possible. Keeping herself occupied was the only way not to miss Randeep too much.

But then seeing someone else in his cabin from day after would only remind her of him every moment.

She dreaded meeting her new boss and could only pray that he was nice to her, especially now since the news of Randeeps soft corner for Ruhi must have spread thru office.

……to be continued.

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