Ankahee Chapter 50

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Episode 50

It was Ruhi who stirred first. She had fallen into a deep sleep and now when she looked at Randeep with his hand sprawled on her, he too was sleeping like a baby.

She slowly moved his hand away and got down from the bed, not wishing to wake him up.

She stretched lazily. She felt very alive after the lovemaking. She turned back and looked at Randeep, Her Randeep.

Suddenly the thought that he would go away the day after niggled in her mind. She felt sad but tried to push the thought away. She still had the next day to her.

The consolation didn’t work too much but she couldn’t do anything about it.

She picked up her clothes and went to the bathroom to have a shower. The hot water would do good, she thought.

It did and she emerged fresher and happier. She came out to see Randeep still sleeping. Looking at the watch, she thought she could wake him up with some coffee. It was almost going to be 6 pm.

She made two cups of coffee for them and came and sat on the bed, placing the cups on the bedside table.

She ruffled Randeeps head and bent to kiss his cheek.

‘Get up lazy Dee.’,she said.

He stirred but refused to open his eyes.

She kissed him again but instead of waking up, he put his arm around her and made her lie down instead.

‘Dee… what are you doing? Come on..wake up. Its going to be 6’, she cribbed.

‘You smell so nice Ru.. Come closer. Let me soak in you for sme time.’ He said finally opening his eyes to look at her.

She was wearing a chiffon dress in yellow and she looked really beautiful to him. Her hair was wet and hung in small curls.

He grabbed her and said, ‘I am not going anywhere Ru. I need to make love to you right now’.

She giggled as he kissed her neck, her back and his hands started exploring her. She herself couldn’t resist him. He looked adorably sleepy and vulnerable and soon her senses went into a tizzy as Randeep did wonderful things to her.

She sighed in pleasure and he looked at her looking like a pleased cheshire cat.

‘Ru, day after tomorrow is my last day in the Mumbai office. You will come to office na with me, so I can say my goodbyes?’, he asked her.

Her face changed expression and suddenly she became solemn. He noticed it and kissed her. She hugged him tight. ‘I cant live without you Dee. I cant’, she whispered.

Her eyes turned all misty again and he kissed her cheeks and ruffled her hair.

‘Aye Ru. Please don’t cry. I will call you, message you, bother you so much that you will not feel alone even for an hour. And listen we can skype at nights’, He tried to make light of the situation but his own heart felt sad at the prospect of leaving her.

‘We cannot hug on skype Dee.’, she complained.

‘Hmmm.. true that.. But we can see each other na. And listen I will tell Bhasker to wrap up the case as fast as he can. Then you can fly on weekends to me.’ He tried to cheer her up.

She cuddled upto him. He held her close trying to assure her with his touch that everything would be ok.

She dug her head in his chest, trying to get as much of him as she could.

He abruptly said, ‘I can smell coffee’.

‘Oh ya I made coffee for us. Dee see because of you, all of it is cold now’, she complained, trying to wriggle out of his arms.

‘You stay, I will get them warmed again’, He got up and putting on his clothes walked to the kitchen.

She followed him and hugged him from behind as he put the cups in the microwave. He held her hands around him and kissed her fingers.

‘You know Ru, Suhail really loves you. I was right about that.’he said.

‘Where did Suhail come from?’, she wondered.

‘Just.. I just remembered him. He was as worried as me when you met with the accident. I could see it in his eyes.’, he said softly turning to take her in his arms.

He leaned against the kitchen top and kissed her forehead looking at her lovingly.

She hugged him and said, ‘What if the new boss doesn’t like me?’

‘And why wont he like you?’, He questioned.

‘I don’t know. I don’t want to go to office. I am so used to seeing you there.’

‘You will manage just fine, ok. Remember you are very good at your work. No one can beat you on that’, he said proudly.

They finished their coffees and Randeep asked her if she wanted to go out.

‘Lets call ma and then go, ok?’

‘Sure. You call mom, I will just check on Nimmi.’he told her.

Nimmi was all naughty on the phone. She teased Randeep about making love to Ruhi. And Randeep blushed and laughed. She told him about her day and they filled each other in, like old buddies.

‘Nimms, to be honest I don’t want to go to singapore.’

‘I know that. Why cant you refuse Deep? You can, you know.’ She reminded him.

‘I cant Nimms. But my heart is just not in it.’, he confessed.

‘Hmmm. Lets figure out something Deep.’

‘I leave day after. There isn’t any time to figure things out.’, he said sadly looking at Ru who was chatting on the phone.

‘Listen just set things up and then come back. Get a good man there who can take your place.’, She suggested.

Randeep nodded in agreement.

‘Oh by the way have you told Ruhi yet?’ Nimmi asked.

‘About the going yes. She took it very badly but what choice does she have?’, he said sadly.

‘And the other thing?’, she prodded.

‘No not yet. Will have to though. Don’t know how she will react to that.’ He whispered.

‘I will miss you Deep’.

‘Nimms I will miss you as much. My favourite two women are going to be here and I will be all alone there. Not fair at all.’, he tried to joke.

‘Distance makes the heart grow fonder Deep. Don’t worry. Ok now you go and have fun. I am expecting a call.’, she said.

‘Aha I know who is calling, Cool. Enjoy. I will see you tmrw night. Bye Nimms.’. He hung up and saw Ruhi talking animatedly on the phone.

God, I am really going to miss her. And now after having made love to her, it was going to be tougher to stay away from her.

She was pure addiction, his Ru and he wanted the addiction to be with him as soon as possible.

He made one more call and satisfied with what he heard, he waited for his sweetheart to finish her call.

The night was theirs and he looked forward to it.

… be continued.

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