Ankahee Chapter 48

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Episode 48

As they pored over the menu and discussed and debated what they should eat, Randeep forgot about his woes for some time.

He was a seafood lover and the menu excited him. They settled for a grilled kingfish, some crabs and prawns curry. Randeep ordered a wine for himself while Ruhi didn’t want to take a chance with alcohol reacting with her medicines, so she settled for iced tea.

While the seafood platter cooked, they stepped out on the beach hand in hand. Ruhi got rid of her footwear and headed into the water while Randeep resisted going in but soon he followed her more out of worry of she losing her balance than his own wish of enjoying the water.

She saw him heading towards her and splashed a huge wave of water over him. He swore and ran behind her to admonish her for doing that. But the moment he caught her, she caught her ears in mockery and he just couldn’t bring himself to say anything. So he did the next best thing.

He bent down and did the same to her as she had done.

Revenge was sweet as Ruhi was almost drenched.

She cribbed a bit about her dress being ruined but he sealed her lips with a kiss and the cribbing was forgotten.

They then walked hand in hand lazily stopping for hugs and kisses in between till Ruhi spotted a trinket shop. She went through several pieces and finally liked an anklet. On asking the price she found it very costly and left it behind.

Randeep coaxed her to buy but she didn’t and Randeep let her be.

The waiter waved out to them signalling the arrival of food and as they entered the restaurant, Randeep told Ruhi that he would make a call to Suhail and come back.

He checked on office and the goings on and was glad that things were being managed well by his staff. He felt sad leaving all of them behind. They had been a good team. In fact he hadn’t even said his goodbyes to them yet. As he thought about leaving India, he felt a sadness creep over him.

Inside Ruhi waited for Randeep to arrive so that they could eat.

He arrived a few minutes later and he had a packet in his hand. She wondered what it was he had got. And he opened it and emptied the contents on the table.

Ruhi gasped. Randeep had brought all the anklets in different colours for her and while she asked him why he did that, she was very excited too. He bent down then and tied one around her ankle and it looked so pretty on her.

She kissed him on his cheek and he was so happy to see her happy.

‘I better buy whatever I like next time otherwise you will buy the entire shop for me na Dee?’she asked naughtily.

‘True that but not in a diamond shop haan. I am not that rich Ru.’, he made a sorry face.

She looked at him seriously then and said, ‘Dee how much money did you pay him to get off my back?’

‘Who?’, Randeep feigned ignorance,

‘You know who, Dee… Tell me.. I want to know.’ Ruhi said determined.

He sighed and turned towards her. ‘Not even one thousandth of what you are worth Ru. Making me say a figure is like making me insult you. Please don’t do that to me..hmmmm.’, He almost begged her.

She had tears in her eyes then and one even spilt out on her cheek. She went into his arms. He hugged her tight.

‘I know him Dee.. It cannot be a small figure. I am sure he must have really extracted the last penny from you.’ She said bitterly.

‘But look what he gave me in return Ru. He gave me you. You think that’s not a good deal? I would give every damn penny I earn to him for the rest of my life if I have to, only to keep you with me like this, in my arms, safe and loved’, He said softly looking into her teary eyes.

And hearing him say that, she cried some more. She had never ever imagined that someone could ever love her so much.

He didn’t like to see her crying and wanted her to stop.

‘Now see the crabs and prawns will cry too if you continue trying and I am really really hungry. Can we discuss accounts later when I can do other things and distract you?’ He asked her mischief playing in his eyes.

She smiled then, hitting him lightly on his chest. He wiped her tears, gave her a fork and served her food.

They ate in silence as the food was really good. The wine made Randeep a bit lightheaded as he was not a regular drinker but more of a social one.

They walked hand in hand for a few minutes before they found a nice shady spot to sit and admire the ocean.

Ruhi made designs in the sand sitting in Randeeps arms while Randeep traced designs on her arms with his fingers.

‘Dee’.. she said

‘Ummm…’ Randeep answered with his eyes closed.

She leaned backwards against his chest and he shifted to offer her support.

‘I love you’. She whispered to him.

‘Umm..thats good… You should always love your boss… he is always right.’, he teased her.

She hit him on his arm. And he laughed.

‘First you cure the arm, then you hit it. What kind of a healer are you Ru?’ he complained.

‘Chalo na… lets go.. I am sleepy.. That heavy lunch is getting to me.’, she said.

‘Hmmm… We will go. Sit with me for ten please.’, he wanted to prolong going back to the hotel.

She sighed and rested against his chest and they both closed their eyes and lay there, only their breaths syncing with each other.

It was a private beach of the hotel and there was hardly anyone around.

She let him be and went through the anklets he had got her. There were atleast 40-50 of them. She tried each one on her feet and when she was on the eleventh one, he said, ‘That looks beautiful. Wear that’.

‘I thought you dozed off.’, she said.

‘You don’t let me sleep Ru. Not for a moment. Sad but true.’ He said expecting some sympathy from her.

She looked at him smiling, got up and said, ‘I am going to the hotel, You sleep as much as you want.’

She started walking and he had no option but to go after her.

He caught up with her and hugged her from behind.

‘I thought I deserved some love and sympathy, I got attitude.’, he complained.

She laughed. ‘Love and sympathy.. We shall see.. Mr. Kapadia.’

They entered their room and Randeep handed over her medicines to her.

‘Ru have them before doing anything else, please.’ He coaxed her.

She hung her arms around him.

‘Now someone promised me something, you know.’, she said seductively.

He removed her arms from around him, gave her water and signalled her to do what he was telling her. She did that and then he led her to the bed and made her sit and he knelt down on the floor in front of her with his hands on her lap. He held her hands and said, ‘Ru I need to tell you something’.

She looked all worried and concerned now and her brow was taut with worry.

‘Listen, Its nothing that serious. Just listen to me first, ok…’ he said not sure how to say it.

‘Tell me Dee.. what is it… I cannot bear the suspense.’ She begged of him already her eyes looking sad.

‘Ru.. I… I… have to fly to Singapore tmrw for three months…’, he blurted out.

As soon as he said it, there was a silence for a few seconds as she stared at him in shock. It was as if it still hadn’t sunk in.

And then she got her hands out of his clasp, stood up and went out to the courtyard and sat down facing away from him as the tears started rolling down her eyes. She begged them not to but they just wouldn’t listen to her.

Randeep saw her sit there and cry and his eyes filled with tears. He let them flow. After all, how long could he hold them back?

Why couldn’t life be a little simpler for both of them? He thought.

He saw Ruhi sitting there, sobbing inconsolably like a child and he couldn’t hold on any longer. He went to her and knelt beside her trying to console her but she just wasn’t ready to let him do that.

‘You really thought Dee that getting me to Goa would make the pain go away?’she said thru her tears.

Randeep had no answer as he seriously had wished that it would make it easier but he was wrong, just so wrong.

He apologised to her saying words he himself knew were not working.

‘Listen Ru.. it wont be so bad. We will talk everyday.. we can skype and yes as soon as the case gets over, you can even fly to me. I will come over on the weekends…’ he tried to give as many assurances as he could.

She looked at him. He looked so miserable himself that her heart went out to him. ‘I know you are not at fault Dee.. I know that.. But how do I let the only happiness I have known go so far away from me?’ she said crying bitterly.

‘Listen.. Ru… Stop crying and listen to me.. Instead of feeling miserable and crying, why don’t we both spend whatever time we have in the best possible way and create gorgeous memories to keep with us while we are away from each other? Hmmm… think about it…If you cry like this, I just wont be able to go.. but if you and I spend whatever time is left with us happily, then parting will be a bit easy for me.’ He said sadly.

She kept looking at him then. He was as sad as her and he was right. She had such little time with him and she could not spend it crying. She wanted to squeeze out years from every minute.

She wiped her tears and his, urged him to rest his head on his lap and bent over him to hug him.

And when finally after some time when both were at peace from the upheaval, he looked up at her and smiled. She smiled back to him.

He kissed her forehead and said, ‘Good girl. Now I can go in peace.’

‘You cant go without making me yours completely Dee..You just cant… You have to make me yours in body just as I am yours in soul.’she said to him with renewed determination.

‘Are you sure Ru? We could wait. I don’t want it to be another thing to make it more difficult for you’, he said gently.

‘No… I am absolutely sure Dee… You cant get away so easily. Not now. Not ever. I want you to make love to me till I beg you to stop.’ She said with a smile.

‘And I hope you will never beg me to stop loving you Ru. That’s the only thing I wish for.’ He said with eyes full of love for her as he got up and picked her up in his arms.

She looked at him, her eyes full of desire for the man who had given her so much happiness in just a few months.

As they say, you could live a hundred years in one moment or you could spend a hundred years and not really live even for a moment. It was the same thought that ran thru both their hearts as they both became more determined to make the most of their remaining time together.

… be continued.

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