Ankahee Chapter 45

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Episode 45

While Randeep and Nimmi bonded over after breakfast banter, Ruhi and her mother bonded over coffee with a tinge of coconut oil. They had become so used to it, courtesy Randeep that they could feel his presence in the room.

‘What about when he goes to Singapore? I mean have you both talked about it?, her mother asked concerned.

‘Don’t know Ma. How do you answer such questions? In my heart I know, Randeep is the best candidate for the post. I cannot be selfish by stopping him. I cannot go with him, courtesy my case. So its going to be tough’. Ruhi said practically.

‘Hmm.. I know. But am sure Randeep will figure it out and so will you, as you two have managed till now. You know beta, if you have the intention, everything falls into place. But you must want it badly and purely.

‘Yes ma.. I want Randeep more than my life but love is also about not holding someone back. So I am going to stand by him, no matter what. After all he has done for me, I owe him this much.’, she said looking out of the window hoping she will have the strength to see him go.

And then the doorbell rang and it was Randeep and she could already see her resolve melting. He carried a big bouquet of white and pink lilies. Ruhi hugged him and as she stretched her hand to take the flowers, he pukked them back a little saying, ‘Not for you… for my white haired girlfriend’, much to amusement of Raavee who had reached behind Ruhi.

Ruhi made a sad face and Raavee happily took the flowers thanking Randeep. ‘Ab bolo kya chahiye’? she looked at Randeep straight in the eye.

Randeep held Raavee by the hand and took her towards the hall, ‘I need to talk to you Ravs’.

Raavee was surprised as Ruhi looked on rolling her eyes. He was such a charmer, her Randeep.

They whispered for some time and Ruhi felt like the outsider and went to her room unable to handle the suspense.

He winked at Raavee giving her a big hug as he walked towards Ruhi’s room.

He saw her standing by the window looking oustide. He went to her and put his arm around her. And she wriggled out of his arm. ‘Maa ke liye flowers. What about me?’

He smiled as she sulked. ‘I got you this’, he said pointing at himself as he smiled innocently.

She couldn’t resist being drawn towards him and hugged him. As she dug her head in his chest, safe in the warmth of his arms, she mumbled, ‘What will I do when you go away Dee?’

He didn’t know what to say to her. He himself had no answers. He tightened his grip on her and asked her how her hand felt now. She mumbled it was better.

‘Can you pack your suitcase in half an hour?’, Randeep whispered.

Ruhi looked up surprised, ‘Why, where are we going?’

‘Raavee has already given her permission. I already have my clothes in the car. If you pack yours quickly, I am flying you off to Goa for two days’.

‘Why? I mean… whats the matter? Why Goa?’, she said unsure what was happening.

‘Why? You don’t like Goa? Pondicherry then?’ he asked

‘No no, the place is not a problem Dee.. I am asking why this sudden plan?

‘Because Nimmi asked me why we havent made love yet?’ he said with a naughty gleam in his eye.

It took a while for it to sink into Ruhi what Randeep was saying.

‘You are taking me to Goa for that and my mum has given you permission and Nimmi suggested we make love. What are you talking Dee? She looked all lost now.

‘No no… not like that Ru… But if you pack quickly, I can explain everything on the flight..So shall we rush?’ He asked still enjoying her confusion.

Raavee came in then knocking at the door and said, ‘If you two don’t leave now, I will have to go to Goa myself.’

Randeep laughed as Ruhi smiled too.

These two were partners in crime. How could she not love both of them, she thought as she stepped into the bath to get ready.

Goa seemed tempting and lovely while outside Randeep and Raavee shook hands.

‘Take care of my Ruhi, will you?’

‘Your Ruhi is my life Ravs. Rest assured, I will take care of her every moment for the rest of my life.’ He assured.

And as Raavee’s eyes went misty, he hugged her as only as son could. And as he hugged her, his own eyes went misty. How he wished his mother was alive.

But right now wasnt the time to miss what wasn’t there. Goa beckoned and how!

…….to be continued

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