Ankahee Chapter 44

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Episode 44

Nimmi looked at Randeep. ‘No, no not right away. Initially I could just sense you getting calmer. Then I saw you getting happier. I didn’t hear you complaining about your arm pain. I figured something good was happening to you or rather someone good was happening yo you. And that someone wasn’t me.’

Randeep remained silent. He didn’t know what to say. A bit of guilt started creeping in his mind.

Nimmi held his hand and continued, ‘I didn’t know who it was but the day Ruhi fell from the stairs, I knew it was her your heart ached for. I saw it your eyes, the fear of losing her, the hurt to see her hurt, the desperation to save her, the tenderness with which you held her, I knew it was her.’

Randeep smiled, ‘I always knew you were very intelligent Nimms.’

‘Thank you Deep. But you know what, instead of feeling bad, in a way it freed me.,’ Nimmi replied.

Randeep looked at her questioningly.

‘Let me explain. You know Randeep I held on to my past like glue. I wanted a sob story. Yes I am a successful woman but I didn’t let go of my past. It had become me. It was my identity. Maybe somewhere I pitied myself too that it happened to me. That’s why I could never overcome my past with you because I never wanted to overcome it. But when I saw you and Ruhi determined to break away from your past, both of you failing but still trying desperately to make it work, I realised that you wanted to shake off your past so that you could have a new future while I held onto my past so dearly that I wasn’t even encouraging the possibility of a better future’.

Randeep nodded in agreement squeezing her hand which lay in his.

‘A person from your office told me about the horrible past Ruhi has had yet she is this happy girl who wanted to have a happy life. You who had not such a great relationship, found a great relationship and wanted it at any cost. You were ready to deal with any challenges emotional, physical, even financial.’ Nimmi added.

Randeep started to mutter a sorry. ‘I meant to tell you Nimms’ but Nimmi said, ‘No No Randeep, it made me realise that you were ready to give everything to stay with your love, and here I was, clinging to a memory which was not even a happy one.’

Randeep nodded understanding what she was trying to say.

‘The reason I could never progress in my relationship with you is me and my mind block and the reason I could progress with Akshay is because I was ready to let go of my past seeing you and Ruhi. Strange as it may sound, but your falling in love with Ruhi and fighting to keep her in your life made me realise that I too need to fight for my happiness. Only I could bring about that change, not you, not anyone else if I didn’t want it’. Nimmi concluded.

‘You are so right Nimms. Every word you said makes sense to me. I am so glad you could overcome the biggest block in your life. I must really thank Akshay when I meet him’. Randeep said genuinely, happy for Nimmi.

Nimmi now brightened up and asked Randeep, ‘But why havent you and Ruhi made love yet? Whats the block in your case?’ She laughed.

They were like school friends now, sharing their secrets. Randeep laughed and said, ‘Well I don’t know… Things are so complicated in her life. The case, then her accident, it just didn’t happen, not that I have not thought about it or didn’t want it.’

‘Hmmm.. You must make us meet over dinner which you can cook while we bond.’, She added sportingly.

‘Of course. That’s a deal. She likes you a lot. In fact she is a great healer. I would love her to meet you and see if she can ease off any more of your blockages. My arm is much better courtesy her.’ Randeep added.

‘Yes. I would love that. I want to live a compete life now Deep. Am sad that it couldn’t be with you but am thrilled with what the future holds.’, As she said this, she moved into his arms for a hug. He squeezed her tight with a hug and this time she did not stiffen. Her body too felt different today. Clearly Nimmi had worked on her own apprehensions.

‘Nimms, I have to tell you something too.’, Randeep said.

‘Hmmm…’ Nimmi said.

‘I have to leave for Singapore in the next two days to head the Asia region for the company.’, Randeep confessed.

Nimmi straightened up, ‘And what about Ruhi’?

Randeep pulled a face sadly, ‘I have no idea how to tell her Nimms.’

Nimmi felt bad for Randeep now.

‘Cant you just refuse?’, she suggested.

‘I cant. Ethically it isnt correct and I need the money now if I have to build a future for us. The ex husband was very greedy’, he laughed sarcastically.

Nimmi looked at him gently.

‘I don’t know how you will get through this Deep but I sure as hell know, you will find a way for Ruhi.’She said.

Randeep smiled and hugged her, wishing hard in his heart that Nimmi’s words would come true. Only thing he didn’t know the way yet and time was running out.

…….to be continued

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