Ankahee Chapter 43

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Episode 43

Randeep had a sleepless night. The thought of him being away from Ruhi was just unbearable. Damn, what could he do? He couldn’t say no to the chairman but he couldn’t leave Ruhi behind either.

He had disturbing dreams of Ruhi and he on opposite sides of an island and not being able to reach each other interspersed with him drowning in water and not having the voice to shout for help.

He got up with a start at 7 am. His head throbbed for lack of sleep. He went and stood in the shower for a good 15 mins to awaken himself and ease the headache. He felt much better and after getting dressed, he called up Nimmi to ask where she was.

Nimmi was on her way and Randeep knew she must be starving. She usually liked to have a full breakfast and as the day progressed, she would eat very little.

He decided with mushrooms on toast, fresh orange juice, an egg frittata and some pancakes with candied pineapple. He smiled at himself remembering how in the early days Nimmi used to be shocked at his cooking skills. But he had been to a boys hostel where the food sucked and soon Randeep’s room was the hub of all things delicious where boys knocked at midnight to get fed.

Those were the days. With his looks and rich family background, Randeep had never lacked for girls but none stole his heart. Until now. Until Ruhi.

How he had fallen for her hook, line and sinker. Not in his 20,s or 30’s… In his 40,s. He smiled at the thought.

She had made him go down on his knees the first day she came to office. He knew she was special. Now he couldn’t wait to go down on his knees to propose to her.

And as an omen to his thought, an egg cracked and fell down. Randeep cursed and thoughts of Singapore came flooding back.

Before he could sulk further, the doorbell rang and his house boy opened it to let Nimmi in.

She came flying into the kitchen and gave Randeep a full blown hug.

Randeep was very happy to see her. For some time, he could forget all that was bothering him.

‘You must be starving Nimms. Hai na?’, he asked caringly.

‘The flight food was awful. I didn’t touch it. I knew who was cooking for me back home’. She said happily.

She looked unusually happy. Her cheeks glowed. She had a sparkle in her eyes.

‘How is Ruhi doing?’ Nimmi enquired.

‘Oh she is is improving day by day. Her moms here.. so she is taken care of’, he said honestly.

They lay the table together and settled down to eat. Nimmi ate heartily as Randeep expected. Food was one thing she loved.
Randeep settled for a coffee and a toast. His headache had dulled and he felt better.

After they finished, Nimmi and Randeep walked upto their bedroom and Nimmi sprawled herself across the bed.

‘I could do with a nap after that heavy breakfast’, she confessed.

She held out her hand to Randeep and gestured him to join her.

Randeep was surprised but he lay down on one edge of the bed. They looked like roommates from college.

‘The trips done you well Nimms.’, Randeep said.

‘Yes it has…. Tell me Randeep have you made love to Ruhi yet?’

Randeep was shocked at Ruhi’s blatant question.

‘What?’ he asked, not sure he had heard her right.

Nimmi looked at him and grinned. He looked like a school boy whose mistake had been caught.

‘I am sorry Nimms… I was planning to tel u’, he confessed.

‘You know Randeep, I met someone on the trip.’ Nimmi confessed.

‘Really.. hope he is as good as you’, Randeep probed.

‘Yes, I met him on the flight on my way to Dubai. We became friends and then it seemed destined that we become lovers… and you know something…?’ she asked him turning towards him like an excited schoolgirl.

‘What.. come on.. I cant wait to hear?’ Randeep now seemed really interested.

Nimmi blushed now her cheeks going red.

‘Don’t tell me Nimms… you… you made love?’

Nimmi nodded… Randeep sat up. And then he grabbed Nimmi and gave her the tightest hug he could ever give someone..

Nimmi hugged him back and he was so happy for her.

She looked at him and said, ‘I don’t know how it happened Deep… It felt so right.. so easy.. so comfortable’, she confessed.

‘If it felt right and comfortable, he must be a great guy Nimms’, Randeep was glowing with happiness for Nimmi.

He held her face with his hands and looked softly at her.

‘So strange is our relationship Nimms… I am not feeling bad that my wife made love to another man, but feeling bad that I will miss my best friend.’, Randeep said to Nimmi.

She went misty eyed at his confession and hugged him. ‘I will never have a friend like you Randeep.. You are one gem of a person and friend’.

‘So what are the future plans? This will be the first marriage where the husband will be the best man to give his wife away.’ Randeep said.

‘OMG. You are going too fast Randeep but tell me why havent you and Ruhi made love yet?’ she asked quizzically.

‘You knew I was seeing her?’ Randeep asked.

Nimmi looked at him intently now and Randeep wondered how.

……to be continued.

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