Ankahee Chapter 42

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Episode 42

They had hugged for a long time, Randeep recalled later as he lay on his own bed in his home.

Now that Ruhi’s mother was living with her, Randeep was a bit more relaxed, knowing Ruhi was well taken care of. But at the same time, it had curtailed his stays at Ruhi’s house. Her mother was really sweet but he didn’t want her to feel awkward in any way.

As Randeep tried to sleep, Bhasker’s call came back to his mind. Two crores is what Ruhi’s ex had asked for to let her go. Bhasker had called Randeep to ask if he was sure but Randeep was sure about this more than anything in his life. He wanted Ru’s freedom at any cost.

Randeep wondered what he would tell Nimmi though. Two crores is a huge amount to go missing from the account. And though Randeep never intended hiding it from Nimmi, he was damn sure he couldn’t let Ruhi know. She would never accept it.

Randeep would have to explain to Nimmi in his own way.She would be home by morning, she had called earlier to let him know that and he had promised her breakfast made by him.

She seemed very chirpy and happy on the phone and had also enquired about Ruhi. She had again mentioned a get together with Ruhi once she was well.

Randeep was happy to hear the happiness in her voice. He knew she must have cracked some great deals.

Since the past few days, Randeep had developed a schedule of dropping in at Ruhi’s home first and after spending some time with her, he would go to office. He would do the same at night before coming back home.

Ruhi had asked him not to worry so much but he felt good seeing her. He wanted to be with her as much as he could. They had lost half a life finding each other. He wanted now to make every moment count.

He had again taken icecream for her the other day and she had eaten it like a little kid. In fact she had eaten half of his share too. He liked her when she was happy and carefree and kidlike.

Ruhi had asked him if they should tell her mother about the case. Randeep had told her to be the one telling her, not him. He knew her mother too was tensed about it all along and he wanted the mother daughter to enjoy the good news together in their own way. He was still an outsider.

Back at Ruhi’s place, Raavee had screamed with delight and hugged Ruhi like a little doll. She had never been so happy. As a mother, she had prayed every second for her daughters happiness. She had borne the guilt of getting her married to the wrong person, for too long.

Seeing Randeep had absolved her of her long term guilt. Hearing this news had left her relaxed and at peace. She knew there were still many hurdles to be crossed for Randeep and Ruhi to be together but she was sure they would cross them, one step at a time.

Ruhi had dozed off on her mothers lap as she would when she was small. After a long time it was a relaxed, peaceful sleep for both.

Randeep too fell asleep. He was very tired and had to get up early morning to receive Nimmi.

His phone buzzed at almost midnight and Randeep wasn’t sure who it was at such an hour.

To his surprise, it was the chairman. Randeep knew the chairman worked till quite late and picked up the phone unwillingly.

‘Is it a bad time RK?’, his voice boomed.

Randeep said otherwise and the chairman continued.

‘RK, I know I said you have a few weeks to think about the Asia offer but now there is a crisis and you are my best man. So now I am sorry, its not an option but an order. I want you in singapore in the next two days, my boy.’
Randeep’s heart raced as the chairman’s words sunk in.

How the hell would he explain this to Ruhi? She wasn’t even completely ok yet.

But go he must. After pledging most of his savings to the ex husband, Randeep had to get back his fortune in order if he ever wanted to build a life with Ruhi.

He wanted to fulfil every dream of hers and for their future he had to sacrifice their present, he thought.

‘So is it a yes?’asked the chairman wondering what the long silence was about.

‘It’s a yes’, said Randeep though he wasn’t sure if his heart agreed.

As he hung up on the chairman, he felt as if his life was being sucked out of him.

He felt the pain returning to his arm. Damn, living without Ruhi now was just impossible.

……to be continued.

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