Ankahee Chapter 41

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Ep 41


Randeep tried to hold her close but she pulled herself away and looked the other way. She didn’t want him to see her crying.

But how could he not?

Her eyes were wet with tears and she was trying hard not to let them fall.

‘Oh Ru, I have not gone yet.. I am just saying its been offered to me.. that’s all’, He pulled her towards him hugging her tight.

She let herself go against his chest and also let the tears flow.

She had got so used to him that now to send him so far seemed tough but at the same time she knew she couldn’t be the one standing between him and his dreams. If anyone in the whole organisation deserved to be Asia Head, it was Randeep. Her Randeep.

She cried to her hearts content as he felt her sobs racking her body.

‘Shhhh.. Ru.. No… you know this isnt good for you… Please… Shit.. I shdnt have told you… Not yet!’, Randeep felt guilty now for making her go through this but he hadnt realised she would take it so badly.

She gathered herself then and wiped her tears and once she was convinced that she was in control, she looked at him bravely.

‘Randeep I do not want you to refuse this because of me, you knw that, right?’ she asked him.

‘What happened to Dee? I am sorry, I said all this. Why punish me by calling me Randeep?’ he sulked.

She smiled halfway through her tears.

‘Be serious Dee… This isnt a joking matter’.

‘Then lets get back to jokes na… We will discuss this later.’, he said simply.

She sighed giving up. She couldn’t win this argument with him.

‘Look.. it isnt that I have to fly out tmrw.. I have time… We have time…’, he said ruffling her hair.

Ruhi smiled half heartedly. They could postpone the decision but they both knew it was like a sword hanging on their head.

The phone rang breaking their thoughts.

It was Bhasker. Randeep listened intently as Bhasker gave him the lowdown. He seemed tensed at first pursing his lips in anger but then slowly his body relaxed and she could see him smile.

Ruhi wondered what was happening. Randeep hung up after thanking Bhasker and telling him he was a saviour.

Ruhi looked at him intentlu.

Randeep looked at her and then slowly went to her. He held out both his hands to hold her. She placed her hands in his and he helped her get up.

She had a quizzical expression throughout. She didn’t know what Randeep was upto.

He held her by the shoulders. He then moved ahead and kissed her cheek.

‘Whats happening Dee?’, Ruhi questioned still confused.

‘Ru.. The courts accepted your plea for a divorce on cruelty grounds and it has also stalled the order where you had to go and stay with that bastard.’, Randeep said slowly as he waited for it to sink in…

Ruhi was numb for a few seconds and then her tears rolled down her cheeks. But these were tears of happiness and relief. She threw herself into his arms and he hugged her with joy, the two almost unable to contain their happiness.

‘How did you do it Randeep… How?’ she said amidst tears and laughter.

Randeep smiled resting his chin on her head, ‘Oh it was as easy as applying nail paint to your toes.’

Ruhi knew that wasn’t the truth.

Randeep recalled how tough it was. The bastard tried all possible means to get Ruhi back with him but money could solve a lot of problems in this world and Bhasker had managed to get a deal out of her ex-husband. A very, very costly deal.

And for that Randeep had to go to Singapore. He had to take up the job. But for now he had Ruhi free. He had Ruhi in his arms. And nothing, just nothing, could be better than that!

….to be continued.

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