Ankahee Chapter 40

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Episode 40

She entered her home slowly as Randeep held her close, supporting her. She still felt a bit woozy when she walked, her hand was still in a cast, her ribs still hurt but she was goad to be back home.

The doctor had discharged her on the condition that she didn’t over exert herself. Randeep and Ruhi’s mom both had assured the doctor that Ruhi would be well taken care of.

Randeep settled her on the bed. He had got it shifted towards the window so she could look out. Quite a few things had been added to her room to make her comfortable. Randeep had planned all this with Ruhi’s mom.

‘You can call me Raavee, she had said when she had met him the first time.

Randeep had smiled and said, ‘I will call you Ravs. And you call me Deep. Is that a deal?’
‘Yes, no aunty please. Its so old fashioned. First names are so much cooler.’ Ruhi’s mom had chuckled.

He had liked her instantly. She had grey hair and an old world charm about her. She was confident and sparkly even at this age. He bright eyes and infectious smile belied her age. He knew where Ruhi’s good looks came from.

‘You seem to be a very good boss Deep. I wasn’t so lucky.’ Raavee confided.

Randeep laughed. ‘Oh no… no… I am a smart boss. I actually pay my people extra to say good things about me’.

Raavee had laughed at that, ‘Then by now my daughter must be a very rich woman considering all the good things she has to say about you’.

Randeep said, ‘Funny she never says anything to me. Would you be kind enough to repeat some good things she says?’ He nudged her.

Raavee smiled saying, ‘Only if you pay me too’.

Randeep loved her sense of humour. She was very independent just like her daughter and Randeep understood why she didn’t want to shift base to Mumbai.

They had bonded over Ruhi and initially she seemed worried for her. But as Ruhi’s condition improved day by day, Raavee had relaxed.

She had noticed the love for Ruhi Randeep had in his eyes.

‘He loves you a lot, doesn’t he?’, she had sked Ruhi at the hospitl one evening.

Ruhi had blushed and nodded yes. ‘He does Ma but it also scares me. Love doesn’t suit me much, you know.’

‘Oh my my. When did my Ru get so cynical?’, Raavee had taken her in her arms and caressed her hair lovingly.

Ruhi confessed, ‘You know my past Ma. I just hope it doesn’t tarnish my future. Besides Randeep is married. Its too complicated Maa. So don’t dream yet of a happy future for me.’
‘I wont dream, I promise but I wont shut my eyes to the possibility either.’, Raavee looked at her straight in the eye.

Yours and his past shouldn’t be the reason why you cannot be happy today and tomorrow.’, she said.

‘You sound just like Randeep now. He keeps saying this all the time’. Ruhi confided in her mother.

‘People do not come with guarantees and ISI mark Ru. You cannot judge a person sometimes even after being with him or her for several years and sometimes you know in a second. With Randeep I knew at the airport that he loves you. I could see the warmth for me he had because of you’.

Ruhi felt very good listening to her mother about Randeep.

Ruhi’s voice pulled them all back to the present. They were now at home, far from the hospital and its dreary feel.

Raavee excused herself on the pretext of making coffee for everyone.

Ruhi beckoned Randeep to sit near her.

He held her hand and caressed her face. She shifted closer to him, hugging him. She wanted to feel his warmth. She stroked his back as he caressed her shoulder.

‘Randeep…’, she mumbled.

‘Hmmm..’ He had his eyes closed trying to soak in her fragrance. The past few days had been so hectic and stressed that he had just forgotten what it meant to just be with her. To hear her breathe, to feel her heartbeat.

‘Randeep..’ she said again.

He opened his eyes to look at her now.

‘Yes… you practising my name?’

‘I am thinking what to call you. Randeep is too long’. Ruhi said.

‘You can call me anything you want.I am all yours’. Randeep went back to holding her close.

‘Ummmm…Let me think’. She couldn’t come up with any and was disappointed with herself.

He smiled. He loved her even when she sulked.

‘Ru, I love you.’ He said in her ears.

‘I love you too Boss’, she said naughtily.

The sound outside the door made him straighten up and he instantly got up and walked towards the door, helping Raavee to get the coffee.

Ruhi sipped it and looked at her mom. Her mom looked at Randeep who winked at Ruhi.

‘Maa, you hard core coffee fanatic who wouldn’t change a thing in it, how the hell did you add that?’ Ruhi exclaimed.

‘You know the culprit’, Raavee shot back and Randeep took a bow laughing.

Raavee smiled as she left to go to her room to change.

Ruhi said to Randeep, ‘Listen Dee, you must now stop worrying about me and start going to office, ok?’

‘Dee is nice. I like it’.

Ruhi said, ‘Hmm.. me too.. But did you hear?’

‘Yes I did. I will Ru. Stop reminding me about work.’ He felt like a schoolboy who was being reminded of his homework.

Ruhi looked at him and smiled. Weeks before he had been her boss, just that and now, he was her life.

How had things moved so quickly, she wondered.

She tried tying up her hair with one hand but couldn’t. Frustrated she looked at Randeep. He chuckled and tied her hair for her.

‘See you need me. Why push me to go to office then?’ he complained.

He sat next to her now.

‘Ru, I have something to tell you’.

She listened patiently.

‘When you were in the hospital, the chairman called to discuss the possibility of making me the Asia Head of the company.’

‘Wow Dee, that’s awesome. That’s freakingly bloody awesome. Isnt it?’ Ruhi exclaimed.

‘Yes maybe.. I am not sure.’ Randeep replied getting up and walking towards the window.

‘But why?’ Ruhi made a brave effort to get up on her own to follow him and winced in pain.

‘Oh ho Ru. Why do you have to do that? I m sorry. Here, sit. Relax.’ He helped her get back to her bed.

‘Tell me why arent you excited Dee?’ Ruhi persisted.

Randeep sighed, ‘Because it requires me to be based out of Singapore’.

Ruhi’s smile disappeared from her face. Randeep could see that and he didn’t know what to do about it. Damn, when would life be easy for them both.

……to be continued.

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