Ankahee Chapter 39

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Episode 39

Ruhi’s mother rushed to her and soon they were in each other’s arms crying and laughing at the same time, Even Randeep and Suhail were moved seeing them together.

As mother daughter started chatting, Randeep and Suhail left the room to give them privacy. Randeep handed over his car keys to Suhail asking him to drop Ruhi’s mother home whenever she wanted. He told Suhail that he would be going to office for a couple of hours during which time Suhail should be in the hospital. Suhail agreed like a good student.

Randeep started to thank him when Suhail interrupted him and said, ‘She is my friend too Randeep. And my boss too. Its my duty. I will be here for as long as you want.’

Randeep nodded with a smile. ‘Of course’

In office, everyone was happy to see Randeep and wanted to know about Ruhi. Randeep informed everyone that Ruhi was doing well and God willing would be in their midst sooner than later.

He had a lot to catch up on. He had completely forgotten work and office in the past few days. His gaze inadvertently went towards Ruhi’s cabin. It seemed empty and dull and lifeless without her. The whole office seemed dull without her.

Suhail’s words had told him how special she was to each one in office. He had not known that in her own way she had a bond with every colleague. He felt very proud of her and his heart filled with even more love for her.

‘Honey & Caramel Icecream’, she had said, as he smiled remembering her words. He hoped by bringing her mother here, he had atleast managed to lessen her pain to quite an extent.

Anupriya came in to get some papers signed, brief him about pending meetings, calls, Ruhi’s projects which needed a look and hundreds of other things.

Randeep tried to finish as much as he could but his heart was at the hospital. He collected all the pending files and told Anupriya that he would look at all of these at night. He really had to get back to the hospital. Suhail was waiting and Ruhi too must be waiting for him, he hoped.

He found Ruhi sitting by herself and the moment she saw him her face broke into a loving smile.

He was carrying two tubs of her favourite icecream and as he handed them over to her thinking she will start eating immediately, instead she hugged him tight without a warning.

He wondered what it was.

‘Thank you Randeep. Thank you so much. It was only when I saw her that I realised how much I had missed her.’ She confessed.

He held her close, sitting by her bedside and letting her sob her heart out.

Once she was done crying, she pulled herself back and smiled at him through teary eyes. ‘How the hell do you know what I need always?’she asked.
‘Hmmm.. let me think.. I think its love’. He answered.

She hugged him again. And he hugged her back.

‘You know darling its very difficult to control myself when you shower so much love on me. But I cannot forget that you aren’t well. And besides the icecream is melting.’ He said laughingly.

She picked it up then and started eating greedily making ummmmm sounds as she ate.

‘The hospital staff will throw me out if you make such suggestive sounds, Ru.’, he said.

She mock hit him and fed him some icecream too which he happily ate.

He bent to lick her on her cheek where she had icecream and immediately she put some on her other cheek. He licked that off too and then she put some on her lips.

He gave her an incorrigible look and wiped her lips off with his fingers. She sulked.

‘Ru, you know very well that all I want to do right now is to kiss you and God knows what not. But not at the cost of your health. I almost lost you and for some need of mine, I cannot risk losing you again’. He confessed softly.

She looked at him and he continued as she still sulked, ‘I promise when you come home I will dunk you in icecream and eat the whole thing off you’.

Somehow the visual made her smile and she hid her face in his chest as he stroked her back.

‘Ru, what would I do without you girl. You know the office seemed so dreary without you that I carried all the files here.’, he told her.

‘Good. Lets work on them together. I am so bored, having nothing to do.’, she complained.

‘I thought the mother daughter chat must have tired you out.’ Randeep enquired.

‘No, in fact it rejuvenated me. Its so good to have her here. She just wasn’t ready to go. I had to force her to go home and rest.’, Ruhi said.

She then suddenly remembered, ‘You have my phone Randeep? I cant seem to remember where it is.’

‘I do. And I must confess I read your messages to find out what drive you over the edge that day. I wish you had told me Ru instead of keeping all of it in your heart and suffering alone.’ Randeep said complainingly.

Ruhi lay her head on his shoulder then. She put her palm in his and said softly, ‘What all can I bother you with Randeep? Besides I am not very used to discussing my problems with anyone. I am still learning to share them with you. But that day everything happened so suddenly that I lost my sanity’.

He held her closer now. He knew what she meant. In a way, they both were very identical, trying to keep others away from their feelings and managing all of it on their own.

‘But atleast you should have told me about the threats Ru.’

Ruhi looked up in shock. So he knew about that too.

‘I hope you didn’t do or say anything to him Randeep. I don’t want you to.’Ruhi now looked scared.

He held her with both arms and said softly, ‘Not yet Ru but he will be taken care of. You have nothing to fear, did you understand? Nothing to fear.’

Ruhi shivered as he brought her close.

‘It isn’t about myself that I fear.’ Ruhi said.

‘I know. You fear for my wellbeing Ru and I will be completely fine, I assure you. But we cannot build a life fearing someone, can we?’ he asked her looking into her eyes.

Ruhi nodded a no but she wasn’t really sure if what Randeep was intending to do was right. Was he getting into trouble because of her? Would he be safe from that monster? As she thought of all this, she felt a shiver go down her spine. In fact she suddenly started feeling very unwell.
She closed her eyes wishing the dizzy spell would go away just as she wished her husband would go away from their lives forever.

……to be continued.

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