Ankahee Chapter 38

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Episode 38

Ruhi was driven down to the hospital straight from the airport in an ambulance.

The dean Saurabh made sure Ruhi was well taken care of and her shifting in process was smooth.

Randeep could finally relax knowing he was in home territory now. He grabbed a coffee as he settled in a chair in Saurabh’s office.

‘Relax Randeep. She will be fine. We have the best doctors.’, Saurabh assured him.

Randeep replied, ‘She is the best I have too Saurabh.’

Saurabh nodded.

Randeep had his coffee while they did some idle talk about work and checking on each others families.
Randeep then went thoughtful and Saurabh noticed it.

‘Get off with it Randeep.’ Saurabh prodded him.

‘Saurabh, I need some security for Ruhi. Is that possible?’ Randeep said.

‘Security? I mean is she a VIP or something. Why security?’ Saurabh wondered.

Randeep told Saurabh about Ruhi’s ex husband and the threats to her by him.

‘I just want to be sure, you know. You can charge me extra for it, whatever it may cost.’. Randeep elaborated.

‘Oh Come on Randeep. You know its not about that. I will get it done. Waise I don’t know if you are aware, but this hospital is 100% secure with cctv surveillance all over. So you really don’t need to worry. But if you can get a picture of this guy, I could alert my team to watch out for his presence’, Saurabh suggested.

‘Oh yes. That would be great. Thanks Saurabh. I owe you one for this.’ Said Randeep getting up now and shaking Saurabh’s hand. They went back to Harvard where they were roommates and both had great respect for each other.

‘Gotta go. Havent been to office since ages.Will check on Ruhi once and rush.’ He hugged Saurabh and was on his way.

He entered Ruhi’s room. She was fast asleep. He went and kissed her on her forehead. She stirred and he regretted it then.

‘Sorry Ru. Didn’t mean to wake you up darling.’, he whispered.

‘No please wake me up every time you are here. Don’t ever go without letting me know, ok?’, she said softly holding his hand.

He sat down opposite her and said, ‘Listen Ru.. I am off to office for a couple of hours. Some very urgent pending things. But I will be back as soon as I finish.’

‘No.. Don’t.. Be there as long as you want to. And then listen, don’t come here. Go to Nimmi. Spend some time with her, please.’ Ruhi offered.

Randeep shook her head and started smiling to himself.

Ruhi wondered if she missed something.

Randeep saw her questioning look and said laughing, ‘You know I am blessed. Nimmi says take care of Ruhi. Ruhi says take care of Nimmi. Its really sweet you know. I have the worlds most sensible two women with me’, he smiled.

Ruhi smiled then. She knew Nimmi was very genuine as a person.

‘Then more reason for you not to neglect her. I am fine now. Please go.’ Ruhi pleaded.

‘Arey baba I would have had she been here. She is in Dubai for her business. She will be back in a week. So you relax.’, Randeep told her.

Ruhi nodded.

‘Randeep when you come later, will you get me some caramel honey icecream from Melt & Eats? I don’t know why but I am dying to have it.’, she confessed smiling.

Randeep smiled, ‘Of course.. Is there anything else you want? I could buy off Melt & Eats company if you want.’

Ruhi hit him lightly laughing at his suggestion.

‘You can do anything Randeep. I know that’. She said lovingly.

‘Oh shit. I completely forgot. Give me two minutes. I will be back.’he got up urgently patting his head.

Before Ruhi could ask him anything else, he kissed her again.

‘Wont be able to do this later’, he clarified.

She wondered what he was saying.

‘Will be back in 5.’ He almost ran.

Ruhi couldn’t wait for him to return. What was it? And why couldn’t he kiss her later? Sometimes Randeep could be very confusing.

The nurse came and checked on Ruhi. She was doing well.

Ruhi felt a bit limited with her hand in a cast. She settled to look outside the window. Randeep had got her the best room possible with her bed near a huge window so that she could look out. He was so good to her. It as like God was compensating her for the torture she had gone with her ex husband.

The thought again worried her and she wondered where her mobile was. She must ask Randeep.

As her brow wrinkled with worry, Randeep came inside announcing cheerfully, ‘Look who is here Ruhi. You can thank me later’, as he winked at her naughtily.

Ruhi’s mom stood there with misty eyes. And soon Ruhi was crying too looking at her mother standing there with Randeep and Suhail.

….to be continued

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