Ankahee Chapter 37

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Episode 37

Two days later Randeep with a team of doctors and nurses was flying back with Ruhi to Mumbai.

His prayers had been answered. Ruhi had responded to treatment well. Though she kept drifting in and out of sleep and still had a lot of strength to catch up on, her basic counts had been steady.

As he sat by her side in the air carrier taking them to Mumbai, he remembered the doctor rushing out the day before to tell him she was conscious and wanted to meet him.

Throwing away his coffee up, Randeep was delighted as he walked in her room. She had been shifted out of the ICU in a normal room and Randeep no longer had to wait outside and look at her through the small glass opening.

He had been able to sit by her side, hold her hand and just observe her without really disturbing or waking her up. He had been careful not to hug or kiss or touch her though he was tempted to do so every now and then. He wanted her to get well. Rest everything could wait.

But the day before, she had called for him. As the doctor left them, she had reached out for his hand and held it in hers. She had smiled weakly at him and had caressed his face as he bent his face towards her trying to listen to her speaking feebly.

‘Randeep…’, she had mumbled. ‘Go to the hotel and sleep for 8 hours. I am fine’, as she paused to catch her breath.

He had held her hand in his then and said softly, ‘I am not going any where Ru. Not without you. Everything can wait. Sleep too.’

Ruhi said softly, ‘My lord the opposition refuses to take my viewpoint into consideration.’

Randeep had smiled at her humour even in pain. ‘My lord, opposition just wants to be in the view of the client as she is beautiful and cannot be left alone.’

She had broken into a smile then and Randeep’s heart had melted. He wanted to just hug her tight but he resisted.

‘Take me home Randeep. I want to go home’. She had whispered to him.

‘I so want to Ru. I will speak to the doc but I only want to shift you if your condition is fine’, he had assured her.

‘I will be fine if you hold my hand throughout.’, Ruhi replied weakly.

‘I promise I will not leave your side’, he had whispered to her, kissing her on her forehead.

The nurse broke his thoughts to check her blood pressure while he continued to be by her side. Ruhi had drifted off into sleep and Randeep just couldn’t believe that he was actually taking her home.

Mumbai was home even if she was going to be in the hospital. The city was home for both of them. He knew people, could arrange things faster and even attend to work in bits.

He had got admission in the city’s best hospital for her, a hospital which was 2 mins away from his office. The hospital dean was his friend and Randeep knew she would be in good hands.

He had excitedly called Nimmi with the good news that he was flying back with Ruhi.

Nimmi was glad but she was out of the country for a few days for her business with a new client. She however promised that once Ruhi was well, she would host a dinner to celebrate her wellbeing.

Randeeps respect for Nimmi had grown much more in the past few days. He just couldn’t help wondering how well she had handled this whole situation. She was a wonderful person. How he wished things had worked out between them. But then how would he meet Ru? Strange were the ways of life, he thought.

He had almost lost Ruhi the second time around and this time he had been thinking very deeply about his future with her.

He didn’t want to leave anything to chance this time. Suhail was on his way back. Bhasker was on the job too.

He was hoping by the time Ruhi recovered, several things would be taken care of.

The chairman had called the night before to check on Ruhi’s recovery. He had subtly stated that Randeep could come back while some one else could stay with Ruhi. Randeep had refused flatly. He didn’t care anymore about the repercussions. The job wasn’t so important, Ruhi was.

As the plane touched the ground, Randeep saw Ruhi open her eyes. He softly said to her, ‘Welcome home Ru. Welcome back’.

Ruhi smiled, her face brightening up after a long time. She didn’t know a greater surprise awaited her.

Randeep’s heart floated with hope after a long time. This time his home wouldn’t be incomplete. It would really be home.

He would build it along with Ruhi, bit by bit with walls of love.

… be continued.

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