Ankahee - Chapter 36

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Episode 36

As soon as Ruhi stirred for a second, Randeeps heartbeat increased.

Oh what would he give to just see her open her eyes and smile at him. But before he could raise his hopes further, she settled back into her state.

Randeep was thoroughly disappointed but tye doctor who saw him standing there said, ‘It’s a matter of time Mr. Kapadia. She will come around. Luckily her vital readings are stable now.’

Randeep smiled at the news. He thanked the doctor and asked, ‘I want to fly her to Mumbai doctor, as soon as I can. I know you are taking very good care of her but in Mumbai, things are easy for us as we belong there. Home, office, everything.’ He elaborated.

‘I understand. We will see to it that she can fly out soon enough’, the doc assured Randeep.
Randeep then hesitated but couldn’t help asking, ‘Dr. if you don’t mind and if it doesn’t harm the patient, can I see her for a bit?’

The doc smiled understanding Randeep’s request.

‘Yes you can Mr. Kapadia. I will ask the nurse to help you’.

The nurse led Randeep inside. After instructing him about the do’s and don’ts, she left.

Randeep sat down on a small stool near Ruhi’s bed.

He observed her intently. She was breathing with an oxygen mask, her hand was in a cast, her head was heavily bandaged and she had bruises and cuts all over.

He took her hand in his, trying to feel her warmth. He clasped her fingers in his. He held them by his cheek as he tried stopping his own tears.

He wept like a baby holding her hand.

With great effort, he stopped himself. His gaze then went towards her toes. The toes he had painted a night back. How she had wiggled them and how happy she was then.

He wished for her to wiggle them again.

‘Come back Ruhi. I promise I will paint your toes for the rest of my life.’, he choked as he mumbled those words still looking at her toes.

‘And you would be the best at it’, she whispered.

For a second, Randeep thought he was hallucinating. But then he realised it was indeed Ruhi who had spoken.

He looked at her and she removed her mask with the free hand.

He forbade her to do that but she said, ‘Don’t cry Randeep. I suffer a lot when you do’. As she said it, she started breathing heavily. Randeep put the mask back on her and rushed out to call the nurse.

The doctor arrived and Ruhi struggled to keep her eyes open. The nurse did her checks and kept on throwing numbers at the doctor.

As Ruhi settled into her sleep again, Randeep looked questioningly at the doctor. Had he disrupted something? Had he caused some harm?

The doctor smiled at Randeep and said, ‘She seemed to have responded to your presence. She is doing good. I will have her shifted out from the ICU in a day if she progresses well.’

Randeep had never heard a happier news than this.

‘And maybe in two days, if all goes well, we can arrange for her to be taken to Mumbai’. The doctor told Randeep.

Randeep was ecstatic to hear this. He really did want Ruhi in the best hospital and to get the best medical care possible. He knew it would be a long time before Ruhi was up and about but the fact that she had returned to him, was a miracle.

He rushed out to call Nimmi.

Nimmi could hear the happiness in his voice as he repeated what the doctor said. Suhail was the next to receive the good news. He too was thrilled.

As Randeep now settled with a cup of coffee, he dialled a number. It was high time he did what he meant to do.

‘Randeep, my friend.. How are you?’, a voice boomed on the phone.

‘Bhasker, hows you buddy? Rocking Bangalore?, Randeep said.

‘Ha ha. Not as much as you rocking the media world. What makes you remember me?’ Bhasker enquired.

Randeep said, ‘Listen I have a huge favour to ask you’.

‘Shoot’, said Bhasker.

Randeep talked non stop for the next ten minutes, his face a barrage of emotions.

Bhasker said, ‘Randeep I will do my best. I have never forgotten what you did to save my little girl from the jaws of death. This is the least I can do but there is just one question you need to answer.’

Randeep urged him to go on.

‘You love Ruhi, right?’

Randeep didn’t waste a second. ‘More than I have loved anyone Bhasker. That’s why you need to do this for me’.

Bhasker chirpily added, ‘Love is the biggest motivation. Now I will get it done.’

Randeep looked at peace as he hung up.

He closed his eyes and rested his head against the chair.

As he fell into a light sleep, he saw Ruhi running across a beach laughing at him, teasing him, urging him to catch her.

He ran behind her, catching up with her and picking her in his arms.
He saw a white house with blue windows behind and as he carried her towards it, she giggled uncontrollably as he kissed her.

He saw her caress his face as she leaned up to kiss him. The kiss deepened and he put her on her feet as they couldn’t get enough of each other.

As he struggled to get more of her, someone pulled her away from him and she kept on going further and further away from him. Randeep kept shouting at her to come back but she had disappeared.

Randeep woke up with a start calling out Ruhi’s name. He realised he had been dreaming.

He didn’t want the dream to ever come true. He would ensure that Ruhi never went away from him.

As his eyes went misty thinking about the dream, he remembered Ruhi whispering to him, ‘Dong cry Randeep. I suffer a lot when you do’.

Even in her dazed state, she had been aware of what he was feeling. He would make sure she didn’t suffer more than she was doing already.

He wiped off his tears. It would only be happiness from now on, he promised himself and Ruhi.

……to be continued

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