Ankahee Chapter 35

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Episode 35

He went thru a series of messages some from known people from office, some from unknown numbers.

One caught his eye. It was from her mother, he presumed as it was saved as Mum.

She referred to someone who had been calling her and telling her that he would be back to take her daughter and then they would all live happily after.

Randeep presumed it must be Ruhi’s ex-husband.

Why couldn’t the damn bastard leave them alone? He was getting very angry now. A pain shot through his arm, cleatly signalling the stress building inside him. He swore to himself with pain trying to massage it with his other hand.

He continued to read Ruhi’s messages to her mother. She had assured her that nothing like that would happen and had been pleading with her mother to come and live with her.

Her mother had been refusing saying she was fine.

Randeep left the chat and tried to find the messages from Ruhi’s ex. Strangely, he didn’t know his name. Ruhi had never named him and he had never asked.

But he couldn’t have missed his messages for too long.

There they were in a series. In one continuous stream. Ruhi hadn’t answered to even one of them and that must have prompted him to start pestering her mom.

One message said, ‘I cant live without you. Please forgive me.’

Then it turned from polite to threatening and the last one was really chilling.

In fact he was surprised to find his name there. Not surprised, shocked.

Before Randeep could read further or mull over it, his phone rang. It was Suhail.

‘Yes Suhail. Is Ruhi alright’?, Randeep said in a panicky voice.

‘Yes Yes Sir. In fact I called you to tell you that Ruhi had opened her eyes for a few seconds and the doctor said it was a good sign’. Suhail’s voice seemed happier.

Randeep couldn’t stop his tears from clouding his eyes. Trying not to show his emotions, he said to Suhail, ‘I am on my way Suhail. And thanks for letting me know’.

Suhail smiled as he hung up the phone. He could sense the relief in Randeep’s voice.

He himself had done a little jig after the doc had told him the good news.

Randeep lay his head against the car backrest.

It seemed he could breathe again. He felt a bit relieved. His phone rang again.

It was Nimmi.

‘Nimms.. Sorry I just woke up and rushed out…’, he said apologetically.

‘You don’t have to feel guilty every time I call you Randeep. I know it’s a stressful situation. I understand.’, Nimmi said assuringly.

Randeep thanked her, glad to have such a considerate companion.

‘How is she doing?’ Nimmi asked genuinely.

‘Suhail just called to say she was conscious for a few seconds which the doc says is a good sign. I am on my way. Will keep you posted. How are you doing Nimms?’ Randeep asked.

‘I am fine Deep. Don’t you worry about me. I am worried about you though. Do ake care of yourself in the midst of all this.’, she said caringly.

‘I will Nimms. I promise. Just hoping to have Ruhi flown to Mumbai as soon as possible.’ He confessed.

‘That will be soon. Bye my love’, she said softly as she hung up.
Randeep thought a minute about how well Nimmi was handling all this. He couldn’t thank her enough.

He returned to the message then by Ruhi’s ex.

It said, ‘I know you are seeing Randeep Kapadia. But it wont last forever. Rather he wont last forever. I will see to it’.

Ruhi had replied to that one and her reply melted Randeep’s heart.

‘Do watever you want to but please leave Randeep out of this. He has nothing to do with all this.’she had written.

The answer to that was a threat in every way. ‘You leave him and I will forget him, otherwise there is always another way’.

Ruhi had almost begged him not to harm Randeep then. He noted the time of the messages. They were around the same time she had left his room after Nimmi arrived.

Randeep shut her phone. Clearly the arrival of Nimmi, the guilt Ruhi was feeling and then these messages had driven her to this stress. So this was what had made her lose her balance. No wonder she seemed like a ghost when he had seen her at the party.

He felt very angry, helpless and frustrated now. He wanted to bash the fellow up till he could breathe no more. He fidgeted with his phone not knowing what to do.

The driver drove into the hospital parking lot and Randeep hurried up the stairs.

He was dying to see Ruhi. He wanted her to get alright soon. As soon as she was stable, he wanted to take her to Mumbai. He wanted to keep her safe, he was now worried about her safety after reading those messages.

He calmed down after he saw her. She always had that effect on him even when she was quiet and injured and lying on a hospital bed. She made his purpose in life clear to him. He was here for her.

The thought made him more determined to do something about that bastard who was troubling her.

But before that, he had to do something.

He called Suhail and they discussed something. Suhail wondered if Randeep would be ok handling everything alone. Randeep assured him he would.

Suhail said, ‘I will take the next flight out Sir.’

Randeep put his arm on Suhail’s shoulder. ‘I owe you one Suhail. Thank you’.

Suhail felt very happy that he had earned Randeep’s trust. He nodded and rushed out.

Randeep looked at Ruhi through the door.

‘Now get up my darling. I want to take you home and keep you safe forever in my arms’, he whispered.

And as if she had heard him, she stirred.

… be continued.

…….to be continued.

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