Ankahee Chapter 34

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Episode 34

Randeep’s eyes were blood shot when Suhail came next morning.

‘You must go home sir. I will be here. Go and rest for a few hours.’, he said genuinely. He was worried for Randeep.

Randeep tried to say that he was fine but Suhail persisted saying he needed to conserve his strength.

Randeep still was unsure if he should leave Ruhi even for a second.

Suhail said to him, ‘The moment she stirs, I will call you. I promise. Please’.

Randeep patted Suhail’s shoulder and nodded. He did need to conserve his energies. This was a long battle and he had to be there for her till they won it.
Suhail informed Randeep that the hotel car was down and he could go by it.

Randeep was grateful for the information. He had no energy to go hunting for a taxi.

Back in his room, Randeep could still smell Ruhi’s presence. She was sitting here, she had kissed him standing there, she was laughing in that balcony. Her cup of coffee still lay there untouched. How could just one night change it all?

He lay on his bed not sure what to make of all of this. What had driven Ruhi to fall off the stairs? Guilt? Why had she taken it so badly? He had no answers as he tossed and turned.

He kept thinking about her in the hospital. The visuals of her laying lifeless, her bleeding head, twisted arm just didn’t leave him.

Finally exhaustion got the better of him and he drifted off into sleep.

Suhail stood where Randeep had stood earlier. He had guessed that Randeep was in love with Ruhi. It wasn’t difficult to see that. He could see the same torture on Randeep’s face that he was going thru, only Randeep’s was million times more.

Suhail remembered the times he had spent with Ruhi laughing, cracking jokes, being admonished by her, being thrown out of her house after the accident and several other such moments. He tried to remember the night when Randeep had walked into Ruhi’s house to see Suhail there. His reaction had been anger and clearly jealousy.

Nimmi was already aboard her flight by the time Randep got back to the hotel. He had briefly chatted with her and had sounded very tired.

Nimmi wondered if she had already lost Randeep to Ruhi or was she imagining it. She had seen Randeep’s face when he picked up Ruhi in his arms the previous night. His face had the look of a man who had lost it all. It was a mix of anger, frustration, love, longing and loss.

She wondered how life would turn out if Randeep decided to shift in with Ruhi. How would she deal with it?

Back at the hotel, Randeep woke up in a fit. He had seen Ruhi in the form of a cloud drifting away from him. As he tried to catch her, she had dissolved into droplets of water and the droplets had just escaped from his hand.

He found himself sweating profusely. He checked his phone. He had slept for a couple of hours. He called Suhail who said she was as he had left her. No change. Randeep was disappointed.

He had a quick shower and as the water hit his face, his mind started clearing up.

What made Ruhi lose her balance? Was it Nimmi’s arrival? Did someone say something to her?

And then it dawned on him. Shit!

He got dressed quickly. As he rushed to the reception, his thoughts became more and more concrete. It had to be that.

The receptionist greeted him warmly. He asked her if they had packed Ruhi’s stuff and kept it safely as he had asked them to. She replied in the affirmative.

‘Then can I have them please?’ Randeep said with an air of authority.

The receptionist came back with a small purse from the locker.

‘The rest of her stuff sir is with Anupriya madam.’the receptionist replied.

‘This will do’, replied Randeep as he got into the car with Ruhi’s purse. Impatiently he rummaged thru it and found her cell phone.

‘I am sorry Ruhi that I am reading your messages’, he mumbled to himself.

And then he found what he was looking for. And he closed his eyes in disbelief.

…….to be continued.

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