Ankahee Chapter 33

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Episode 33

Ruhi was lying unconscious. Her head was bleeding profusely. Her hand seemed to be twisted and Suhail was struggling to pick her up without causing her further damage.

In one sweep Randeep flew down the stairs, he started firing orders left, right and centre. He asked Suhail to get a car arranged, he asked someone to call the nearest hospital and tell them they would need a stretcher, he asked someone to get a stick, an umbrella anything to support Ruhi’s hand.

His face was grim, his heart cried but he knew he had to be strong. He was the leader. He had to be in control.

If he had to save Ruhi, he had to keep himself from drowning. Nimmi had joined him with the others by now. Everyone was shocked.

Randeep continued to do what he had to. Having tied Ruhi’s hand to a support and applying a handkerchief with ice to her bleeding head, he picked her almost lifeless body in his arms.

Hours before she had been in his arms in a completely different state, smiling, naughty, all his.

Now he didn’t even know how much life was left in her.

He prayed to God to keep her fine. She was his only chance. He couldn’t lose her. Nimmi was watching him intently. Could she read what he was feeling for Ruhi? He didn’t care. Frankly he realised he just didn’t care what anyone thought.

He just wanted to get Ruhi well again and escape with her somewhere where no harm would come to her again.

As he took the lift followed by Suhail and Anupriya, he asked Nimmi to go and rest in the hotel room. He would call her, he told her as soon as he gets Ruhi admitted. Nimmi nodded. She knew this wasn’t the time to argue or say anything.
The car journey to the hospital was the longest Randeep had ever taken. Each minute seemed like a lifetime and holding Ruhi in his arms, Randeep felt helpless.

He caressed her face, kissed her on her forehead and mumbled a prayer. He was surprisef at himself. He hardly had ever prayed earlier.

Suhail could see his angst. He himself was very shaken. Deep in his heart, he really cared for Ruhi.

Anupriya seemed to be sobbing too. Randeep gave her an assuring look. ‘She will be fine Anu’, almost as if he was assuring himself.

The car reached the hospital and the team was ready with a stretcher and immediate essentials.

Soon Ruhi was in the emergency room tied and fitted with tubes. Randeep’s shirt was full of her blood where her head had laid. His hands were bloody too.

Suhail asked him to clean up while he waited there.

Randeep hesitatntly walked towards the washroom. He looked into the mirror and splashed his face with water. And as the water hit his face, Randeep broke down. He wept like a baby. As the blood in his hands was washed away, it dawned on him that it was Ruhi’s blood. So much blood.

Would she come back? The thought made him weep more.

Finally he told himself she needed him. The staff needed him. He needed to put up a façade in front of all of them.

He straightened up, wiped his face and walked out like a strong CEO should. So what if you are dying inside, your team cannot see that, he had learnt.

He went and stood where Suhail stood. Together they looked at Ruhi through the small window of the heavy door.

Anupriya got two cups of coffee for both of them.

The doctor emerged and Randeep told him who he was. The doctor assured Randeep that they were doing their best but the next twenty four hours would be critical.

Randeep sighed. He asked Suhail to take Anupriya back to the hotel while he stayed behind. Suhail tried to protest but Randeep hushed him.

They left saying they would be back in the morning. Randeep then called the HR head and asked her to organise to fly everyone back to Mumbai as soon as possible.

The HR head enquired about him and Randeep said he would stay back till Ruhi was good enough to be flown to a Mumbai hospital.

Having put all that into place, he called Nimmi who picked up on the first ring.

'How is She'?

'Not good Nimms. First twenty four hours are critical. She hit straight on the wall, lost a lot of blood.'

Nimmi said assuringly, She will be fine Randeep. Don’t worry. I know it in my heart.'

Randeep almost wept at Nimmis words. He tried to hold his tears.

'I wont be coming back tonight. I am sorry you flew for my birthday and…

'Don’t be stupid Randeep. I understand. You are the boss. You need to stand by your employees. I will be fine. In fact I will be taking the flight tomorrow so you have one less person to worry about.'

'Thanks Nimms. I will come back as soon as She can be shifted to Mumbai.'

'Yes, yes.. you take care… of her and yourself. And if you need anything, just call. I will get it arranged.'

'Thanks Nimms. You are and I mean it, my best friend.'

'And I am glad to be that Deep,' she whispered. She had seen Randeeps face when he had Ruhi in his arms. She had never seen him like that. She knew Ruhi was special to Randeep.

As she hung up the phone, she prayed that Ruhi get well soon. She knew she had to let Randeep be.

She looked out of the window. She knew she hadnt been a good wife to Randeep but she was glad she could be his best friend.

In the hospital, Randeep kept looking at Ruhi through the window. He didn’t sit, not even for a minute. He was scared that if he moved away, he might lose her.

All he wanted was Ruhi to open her eyes and look at him. And he would make sure this time that the dream wouldn’t go POOF!

As he thought about what she had said to him just hours before, his eyes moved to her toes, the ones he had painted. He wanted her to wiggle them once more.

He wanted her to hug him again, kiss him on his forehead while he caressed the scars on her back.

As he thought how life had changed in just a couple of hours, the tears streamed down his face on their own. He could control everything and everyone but not these damn tears. Not tonight!

…….to be continued.

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