Ankahee Chapter 32

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Episode 32

Randeep tried as much to resist going out but Nimmi insisted she was hungry.

Randeep tried to convince her that they could order room service but Nimmi wanted to have dinner in the restaurant at the terrace.

‘Oh come on Randeep. It’s a beautiful night. Come lets celebrate your birthday, you big boy!’, Nimmi teased him.

Randeep laughed but his thoughts were away with Ruhi. Was she ok? Had she cried herself to sleep?

He was interrupted by Nimmi asking him how the offsite was going.

Randeep filled her in with details as they made their way to the terrace.

And suddenly loud cries of Happy Birthday Boss filled the air.

Randeep was stumped for a second and then it dawned on him that it was all Nimmi’s doing. He looked at her with a mock angry look and then hugged her. He was taken in by all the wishes and hugs which were coming his way by all his team members.

And then he looked straight into Ruhi’s eyes who had her hand outstretched to wish him.

Randeep froze. Ruhi looked like she had aged in the past one hour. She had makeup on but her fave had no glow. She smiled but her eyes were dead. She looked like someone had just punched her hard in the stomach.

Randeep had this strong urge to excuse himself and just take Ruhi away somewhere, somewhere where he could console her, calm her, assure her that everything was alright but damn! They both had to be a part of this celebration.

Randeep returned her wishes and Ruhi acknowledged Nimmi with a smile. Nimmi met her warmly and even hugged her.

The two women had met before but very briefly in office.

‘You are the bright star of the office as everyone tells me?’, Nimmi complimented Ruhi.

Ruhi knew Nimmi meant it genuinely.

She brushed it off saying she doesn’t believe a bit of it. Nimmi smiled at her remark as Randeep got busy thanking the others.

Drinks were being passed around and there was a cake which appeared.

Ruhi excused herself to get a drink when all she wanted to do was disappear somewhere where no one could find her.

Suhail saw her standing all by herself and joined her.

Ruhi tried to hide her thoughts but Suhail could see that she wasn’t her normal self.

‘Do you want to go somewhere else Ruhi? I mean you don’t look too good.’, Suhail said with concern.

‘No, I am fine,’ Ruhi tried to make light of her condition.

‘Just not keeping too well’, she said to Suhail hoping he will believe her.

Suhail got her a chair and tried to make conversation with her. Ruhi caught Randeep looking at her a few times and shifted her gaze away.

Suhail excused himself to get something when Nimmi came and sat next to Ruhi.

‘You don’t look well Ruhi. Are you ok? I hope my husband is not making his team work very hard’, Nimmi said.

Ruhi was caught off guard by Nimmi’s observation. She tried to guess if she knew but Nimmi seemed genuine in her asking.

‘No, No.. its just the cold. I don’t take too well to it’, replied Ruhi.

Instantly Nimmi beckoned a waiter to bring a shawl for Ruhi.

When he arrived, Nimmi herself helped Ruhi wrap herself in it.

She then asked the waiter to get them a hot soup.

In a different situation, Ruhi would have loved what Nimmi was doing. But today, it only made Ruhi hate herself more.

She tried to sip on the soup but felt sick in her stomach.

She tried to distract herself with all that was happening. Randeep was surrounded by all her colleagues as she and Nimmi watched. They were all trying to get him to dance but Randeep was resisting it.
‘He hates dancing, you know’, Nimmi said.

Ruhi shook her head in agreement.

‘He sings very well though’, Nimmi whispered to her.

Ruhi said, ‘Yes, I have heard him once. He does sing well’.

Nimmi asked, ‘So how is he as a boss?’

Ruhi smiled and said genuinely, ‘He is a good boss Mrs Kapadia. A good human being. You can see how much everyone likes him’.

Nimmi nodded, proud as a wife should be of her husband.

Some of their colleagues pulled Nimmi in to dance with Randeep and they obliged for a bit. All along Randeep tried to be discreet but his eyes kept flying towards Ruhi. He was genuinely worried about her.

As Randeep held Nimmi in his arms and they slow moved to a dance number, Ruhi tried to excuse herself and go to her room.

Suhail tried to accompany her but she brushed him off assuring him she was fine.

Randeep too noticed Ruhi leaving but he just couldn’t follow her.

He prayed that she would reach her room safely.

Ruhi slowly headed down from the terrace. Her head hurt and she felt dizzy. She tred to hold the railing to get back her footing.

But all she felt was like she was falling down a pit.

She rolled down the stairs and the last thing she remembered was Randeep whispering in her ears, ‘The dream wont break, I promise.’

She fell unconscious as her head hit the wall.

Upstairs, all that people heard was Suhail who had followed Ruhi screaming for help.

And when Randeep heard Suhail’s voice, his heart sank. He knew something bad had happened to Ruhi as he ran towards the stairs.

And what he saw left him shaken.

…….to be continued.

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