Ankahee Chapter 31

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Episode 31

‘I will come to the reception to get her. Please make her comfortable till then’, Randeep said soberly as he hung up.

Ruhi had noticed the strain in his voice.

‘Is everything alright?’, Ruhi sounded concerned.

‘Nimmi is here Ru’.’ He said matter of factly.

‘Oh my….’Ruhi’s hand flew to her mouth. She absentmindedly started picking up her things. She looked flustered and guilty and panicky.

Randeep walked upto her right across the room and held her. She tried to move out for his grip but he held her firmly.

‘Leave me Randeep. I need to get out of here quickly’, She begged, her face clearly giving away her emotions.
Randeep tightened his grip on her arms, ‘Listen Ru, you need to calm down. Please. Can you just calm down and hear what I m saying’?

She steadied herself trying to focus on his face.

‘We havent done anything wrong. We are just trying to make things right in our lives. Nimmi is here. I understand that. Why? I don’t know. But you don’t need to kill yourself over it? Understood?’ His voice boomed in her ears.

Ruhi kept looking at him. She was still dazed.

‘Ru, are you listening to me at all? Ru?’, he shook her.

‘Yes, Yes Randeep I am fine. Just let me go back to my room please.’ She pleaded again.

Randeep stepped ahead and hugged her, kissing her on her forehead.

He then left her and peeped outside the door to make sure no one was in the hallway.

Once assured, he made way for Ruhi.
‘I will message you as soon as I can. Don’t worry sweetheart.’ He said in a warm, assuring tone.

But he wasn’t sure if Ruhi was listening.

She walked out hurriedly as if she just wanted to put some distance between them.

As the lift doors closed behind her, she rested her head against the cold wall and gave out a sigh. Never had she felt so guilty or confused.

Randeep spruced up his appearance. As he buttoned his shirt, he wondered why Nimmi was here.

He hurried towards the lobby and saw her pacing up and down.

She broke into a huge smile when she saw him and instantly rushed to hug him.

As he hugged her back, she whispered in his ears.

‘Happy Birthday Randeep. I thought I would give you a surprise’. Nimmi said softly.

And then it struck him. It indeed was his birthday.

He moved back from Nimmi and thanked her.

‘Oh you shouldn’t have bothered to come all the way Nimms.’, he said genuinely.

‘Of course Randeep. I thought instead of leaving you alone here, why not fly down and celebrate it with you.’ She beamed happily.

Randeep smiled at her statement. Whatever his feelings for Ruhi, he genuinely was happy to see Nimmi. He felt touched by her gesture.

‘Come, you must be tired. Let me get you to my room.’ He ushered her towards the lift.

She chatted with him the whole way updating him on her life in the ast two days. She had signed a new client in Dubai and was scheduled to appear for an interview on BBC World.

He felt really proud of her and said so to her.

He opened the door to his room for her and she settled down.
Upstairs in her room, Ruhi was staring blankly at the mountains outside. It was cold but Ruhi didn’t care. She didn’t know why she was feeling like this. Was it wrong to have loved Randeep back? Was she being unfair to Nimmi? Could she be coming in the way of Nimmi and Randeep’s only chance of getting a life together?

Thoughts plagued her and tears streamed down her cheeks.

Randeep’s hugs, his kisses, his words, his promises, all kept coming back to her in flashes. But instead of consoling her as they had done a few minutes back, they now tormented her.

She went to the bathroom and opened the cold water tap and stood under it. The water bit into her skin. She shivered but continued standing under the shower. She was hoping that the icy cold water would take away all the guilt with it.

Randeep noticed Nimmi messaging someone. His thoughts kept going towards Ruhi. He knew she wouldn’t have taken this well. He had seen it on her face.

Ruhi stepped out after a good 15 minutes. She wrapped herself in a bathrobe and her phone beeped.

It was Anupriya.

The message read – Ruhi, hope you not sleeping. Mrs. Kapadia has planned a secret party in half an hour for the boss. Its his birthday. So see you down in 30 mins. Its her request to everyone. Bye!

Ruhi was shocked. How could she face his wife and all the others in a state like this?

Could she just pretend that she had slept or would that make it very obvious?

She turned onto her bed and shed tears into her pillow.

Why did life always have to be so complicated? Why couldn’t she even cry peacefully?

Worse, she was the other woman in this whole damn thing and now had to face the wife of the man she loved. Could anything be more difficult than that, she thought as she cried and cried till her head ached.

She had no choice though. She wiped her tears. Pulled out her best dress, put on as much makeup as possible to hide her grief and opened the door to wish happy birthday to the man she loved.

Randeep had no idea what the two women in his life were doing. One who was conspiring to celebrate his birthday while the other just didn’t have anything to celebrate and just wanted to die.

…….to be continued.

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