Ankahee Chapter 30

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Episode 30

Ruhi giggled uncontrollably as Randeep whispered into her neck, ‘If I knew dessert was so good, I would have skipped dinner’.

‘Hmm.. So I am a dessert?’, she mumbled

He left what he was doing and looked at her.

‘Actually no. You are life Ru.’ He whispered.

She gazed at him soaking in his words. He loved her so much. What had she done to get this gift, she wondered.

‘You don’t know how happy I am at this moment. Not in my entire lifetime have I felt what I am feeling now.’, he confessed.

Ruhi held his face in his arms and kissed him on his forehead.

‘You are so good to me Randeep. I sometimes think all of this is a dream. If I open my eyes, poof! It will all go away’, she said softly.

‘No it wont. I wont let it, I promise.’ He held both her hands which were circling his face.

She smiled. She lowered her hand and laid it on his arm.

‘How is this now?’ Ruhi asked him with concern.

‘Its better Ru. I have found a new doctor. She is a magician.’ He teased her.

She smiled. ‘You know Randeep all our physical pains are manifestations of what we lack in our lives’.

‘I agree. In fact tell me. And I want to know. You were hit by that bloody bastard everyday. How did you handle it Ru? I mean, the physical pain.. the emotional one…I mean didn’t anyone, your frinds notice?’ Randeep asked her gently.

‘You know Randeep. He never hit me on my face. So no one ever saw any marks. Plus I was in a different city from where I grew up. So I barely had any friends and since what was happening to me was nothing to be proud about, I kept myself away from making any new friends.’ She said looking down.

He pulled her close then and closed his eyes. It must have been terrible for her. How he wished he could go into that phase and erase all of it.

Ruhi continued. ‘I am good at hiding my pain. The physical ones I took care of by myself. But you know the worst part?’ she questioned moving away to look at him.

He stared at her quizzically. She smiled then and said, ‘You will find it funny but whenever I tried applying some ointment, my hands just wouldn’t reach my back.’ She laughed trying to make it light but the tears brimmed in her eyes and escaped over her cheeks.

He couldn’t hold back his tears either then.

He hugged her tightly hoping his touch would erase all that pain. He wished he could heal her pain the way she did for his hand.
He then gently turned her around and while she wondered what he had in mind, he unzipped her dress to reveal the marks.

His fingers moved on each scar and as he caressed them, she twitched. He bent down to kiss each one of them hoping his kiss would take away the pain.

She turned around unable to take such gentleness and hugged him burying her head in his chest.

She knew he was deeply affected. She had to change the mood. She didn’t want him losing sleep over her past.

She said, ‘You know boss, you seem to take your employees for a ride’.

He wondered what she meant. ‘How?’ He asked.

‘You promised you would allow me to apply nail paint?’ she reminded him.

He smiled to himself. He knew she was doing it to distract him.

‘Ah yes. Where is that damn thing?’ he looked around.

She reached out to her purse and as she stretched, he placed a kiss on her back. She gave him a warning look. He laughed.

As she started to open the bottle, he took it from her and before she knew it, he dipped the brush in it and lowering his head near her feet, started applying nail paint to her toes.

She giggled, ‘No Randeep. I can do it.’

‘I am the boss. I can do it better. Now stop giggling. You are spoiling my artwork’ he cribbed.

As she stopped laughing, she noticed that he was really concentrating on painting her nails in the best way possible. She ruffled his hair gently.

He looked up. ‘You have such beautiful feet Ru’

‘You are biased, you know that right?’ Ruhi said smilingly.

‘Just a bit. But I like women who have pretty feet. I think I have a foot fetish. If I wasn’t a media person, I would give pedicures to women’ Randeep confessed laughingly.

Ruhi laughed. ‘And you would be the best at it, I know’.

As he finished his artwork, she wiggled her toes while he blew over them to dry the paint.

She looked at him with a lot of love then. And he caught her gaze.

‘I love it when you look at me like that Ru but its dangerous.’, he warned her mockingly.

‘Hmm… Bad wolf trying to scare the deer, is it?’ She challenged him.

‘Oh no. This wolf is scared of the deer. Not the other way round’

‘Ha ha..’ Ruhi laughed.

‘Ok now come here. Enough of all this. We have to finish so much of work’. Randeep ordered.

Ruhi got serious and said, ‘Oh ya the presentation right, Come lets finish it.’

He pulled her into his arms then and said, ‘Not the presentation dumbo.. Come here’.

She then understood what he meant and as she went towards him. But the hotel room phone rang just then and she stopped.

'Oh no…', he said but then went and picked it up.

The hotel receptionist said sweetly. 'Sir Mrs. Kapadia is here to see you.'

It took Randeep a few seconds to comprehend that Mrs Kapadia was none other than Nimmi. But what the hell was she doing here at this hour?

….to be continued.

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