Ankahee Chapter 29

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Episode 29

'You do make brilliant coffee, I must admit. But though I know a lot about coffee, I cant figure out what the nutty taste is,’! complained Ruhi, sitting in his arms where both of them lazed around with the bed as backrest.

'Guess, it’s a simple thing readily available and something we Indians take for granted’, Randeep challenged her as he caressed her bare shoulder with his fingers while he sipped from his coffee mug held in another hand.

She thought hard, using his chest for support to rest against and sipping on the coffee with both hands, trying to analyze what he was hinting at.

He looked at her thoughtful face smilingly. He loved her when she bit her bottom lip, deep in thought. He had often seen her do that in office.

He nuzzled at her neck with his lips, trying to distract her.

‘That’s cheating Me lord. The opposition is trying to break my clients thinking rhythm.’, she cribbed.

‘I am hungry Me lord. Am just trying to find something to eat,’ he said naughtily.

She giggled then, looking at him. They both kept their coffees aside as she kissed him on his cheek and then on his forehead as she played with his salt and pepper hair.

'You know Osho said when a woman feels affectionate towards a man, she ruffles his hair. And when a man feels affestionate towards a woman, he touches her breast’, Randeep enlightened her.

'Really, whats the connection?’ Ruhi was curious.

'It goes back to when we are babies. A mother ruffles her childs hair lovingly when it breast feeds. And a child always has a connection with the breast.’, Randeep offered.

'I read it in one of his books and found the analysis interesting.’ He elaborated.

'Hmmm.. makes sense though. Just don’t get men who talk to our breasts instead of us’, she said wryly.

He took another sip of his coffee while holding her close. He could spend an entire lifetime like this with her in his arms and they talking about random things.

Suddenly she exclaimed, ‘Coconut Oil’!

He laughed. She asked excitedly, ‘Correct na?’

He said, ‘Just a drop but organic variety. It just takes the coffee to another level, doesnt it?’

She offered, ‘It sure does. I like it. I am going to have my coffee this way now.’

He planted a kiss on her cheek. ‘And promise me you will remember me every time you have coffee’

Ruhi lay her head on his chest. ‘When do I forget you Randeep?’

He kissed the top of her head. ‘You don’t?’he asked.
‘Uh hun.. No I don’t. You don’t let me forget you.’, she complained like a little kid.

'Then why did you fight my love so much’? Randeep asked.

He felt goosebumps on her skin. He figured she must be cold and started rubbing her arms a bit vigorously, hugging her closely as he waited for an answer.

'I don’t know Randeep. Its just that, our lives are so complicated. I have a husband who wants me back. You have Nimmi. You are my boss and a famous man too. Too many things to handle, I guess’.

He took a deep breath. ‘Hmmm.. But that doesn’t mean we cannot find our own happiness, right? Even if it takes my last breath away, I want to fight for our happiness Ru. Even if I die fighting to find one moment to live with you’.

She lifted herself from his arms then and turned to look at him.

She could see the seriousness in his voice and intention. He meant every word he said.

She held him close going back into his arms and finding her space there.

'Don’t love me so much Randeep. And don’t talk of death please’, she said softly.

He embraced her circling his arm around her.

'Ok I wont. Not if it bothers you’, he promised.

'Randeep, the night Nimmi wanted to meet you for dinner, what did she ask you for? Can you tell me?’, Ruhi asked.

'She wanted a baby from me.’, he blurted without wasting a moment.

Ruhi tried to get out of his arms now, shocked and surprised but he didn’t let her.

'Now you don’t need to run away from me again. I am not letting you go anywhere.’ He hugged her tightly strengthening his hold on her.

'What will you do Randeep?’, she asked.

'Right now I have other things on my mind. Can I please concentrate on those if you don’t mind?’, he said starting a trail of kisses leading from her nect to her back.

'Uh hmmm. I do not mind at all’, She replied dreamily.

'Good. I hate those who disagree with me’, he said playfully.

But she was too lost to reply. Randeep was all she wanted right now. The rest of the world could wait. be continued.

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