Ankahee Chapter 28

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Ep 28



The dinner area was buzzing with activity. The cold made people noisier and hungrier, noticed Ruhi.

Her heart too was buzzing with Randeep’s words. The thought of spending the night with him made her warm and fuzzy all over. As she thought about him, he made an entry. She noticed he had changed into a casual pullover and black jeans. He looked dapper even in casual clothes.

Ruhi’s thoughts were broken by Suhail who came to her with a plate in his hand.

‘Lost, are we?’, he said smilingly.

‘No…umm..actually.. yes Suhail. How are you doing? Barely have spoken to you throughout the journey’, she confessed.

‘’You are the one who’s been pre-occupied. Randeep keeps you really busy.’ Suhail said.

Before Ruhi could read anything more in his statement, he added, ‘You know its not easy working with the boss so closely. People envy you but I know how much it takes to have his eye on your work all the time. The lesser mortals like us can get away making mistakes because you look after our backs but reporting directly to Randeep the task master can be quite challenging.’ Suhail explained.

Ruhi could safely assume that Suhail meant every word he said. It could be quite challenging tow work directly with the CEO.

‘Yes I agree Suhail. And thank you for understanding. But you know I get to learn a lot from him professionally and then he is not as bad as you make him sound.’, she laughed.

‘No he isn’t. Just a workaholic. The only solace is that he doesn’t expect everyone to be one too,’ Suhail added.
‘Ya in fact he understands people need time off.’, Said Ruhi coming to his defence.

‘Then why is he making you work so hard on an offsite?’ Suhail asked innocently.

Ruhi was now caught off guard. She suddenly realized that their absence may have been the topic of conversation while they were away.

She quickly resumed her composure and blurted, ‘Oh we were working on the agenda for tomorrow’s presentation. I needed some help and he was considerate enough to help, you know.’

Suhail said, ‘I hate him for making you work so hard’. Ruhi could sense the concern or was it jealousy?

‘I don’t mind, really. Whats there for me to do anyway apart from work? It keeps me busy and happy.’ Ruhi said matter of factly.

Ruhi’s eyes now drifted to Randeep who was surrounded by all the female staff. They were happily being charmed by him. She noticed him laughing with all abandon and she saw the lines around his eyes crinkle as he smiled. She smiled too.

Suddenly he looked towards her and their eyes met. His most loving smile was for her though. It warmed every pore of her as she realized how special she was to him. It made her feel lovely and proud and happy. How can someone make someone feel so special with just a look, she wondered.

He then excused himself and started walking towards her. He chided Suhail for his full plate and none for Ruhi. Suhail was sportingly sorry and Ruhi excused herself to bring some food.

Randeep joined her and together they moved from one counter to another filling their plates.

‘Eat well… You have got a lot ahead of you, you know that right?’ he said playfully but softly.

She bit her lip and blushed knowing what he meant.

After that the dinner went on almost in a daze. Randeep made sure he mingled with everyone while Ruhi tried making conversation with Anupriya and Shelly. Anupriya was on seventh heaven as her boyfriend had finally shifted closer to her and Ruhi was both relieved and happy for her.

Ruhi excused herself early saying she was tired. Back in her room she wondered if she should change into something more appealing. Would Randeep notice?

On an impulse, she laid out her floral, offshoulder dress she had packed last minute for a day out into the town. It was simple yet elegant and it showed off her neck and shoulders beautifully. As she slipped it on after a shower, she looked ethereal. She wore a thin pearl string to go with it, tied her hair up in a chignon bun and applied a lip gloss.

She felt pretty as she stepped into her flat sandals.

As she took a deep breath while looking at herself in the mirror, Randeeps’ message buzzed on her phone. He had reached his room and was waiting for her.

She almost forgot the nail paint and laughed to herself. She knew he would remember.

She packed her toothbrush, her lip balm, the nail polish bottle, her ipad and her phone in a small bag.

Her heart raced wildly. It was almost as if it was their first date. She had to be really careful not to bump into anyone from their office.

Luckily Randeep had told her about an alternate route to reach his room. She discreetly made her way praying that no one would see her in the lift.

Luckily the universe was conspiring and no one was around.
She reached his room and he opened at the first knock.

Barely had he closed the door, he took her in his arms. She looked beautiful and still carried the fragrance of a fresh shower. He could drown in her fragrance. As he embraced her, his hands caressed her bare shoulder and neck and soon his hands were replaced by his lips.

Ruhi lost all sense of time and place as new sensations arose in her body. Randeep was so gentle with her that it brought tears to her eyes. The only lovemaking she ever knew had been rough and violent and full of hatred.

A tear escaped her eyes and fell on his hand.

He turned her face towards her and realized her eyes were brimming with tears.

He said nothing, he kissed both her eyes and then her forehead and held her close. He whispered in her ears, ‘You are so precious to me sweetheart. I love you so much’. As his words melted in her ears, Ruhi hugged him tight drowning in his love which was madly comforting, exciting, heady and enticing.

As he pinned her to the wall and she breathed heavily, he smiled at her lovingly, his hair ruffled, his breathing unstable but a softness enveloping his face.

She cupped his face in her hands as she looked at him lovingly, not sure if words would destroy this moment if she spoke.

Her lips quivered and he found it very inviting and couldn’t stop himself.

The kiss went on for a long, long time till Ruhi felt she was floating in a wave of ecstasy.

And then separating himself from her, he gasped still out of breath, ‘Woman you drive me crazy. And for that I shall make you the best coffee in the world as promised.’

Ruhi pulled him again to her and kissed him. Finally she said, ‘And to many such coffees and kisses in your arms.’

He hugged her tighter, caressing her back slowly, ‘And to all the happiness that’s evaded us till now’.

Together they walked towards the kitchen arm in arm to get their cup of coffee.

And as the day ended for everyone, the hotel and its inhabitants slept soundly not knowing that somewhere in one hotel room, the day had just begun.

…….to be continued.

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