Ankahee Chapter 27

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Episode 27

They didn’t know how long they stood like that. She in his arms and he holding her, kissing her forehead once in a while.

Finally she said. ‘You wanted to know what I needed na?’

He kept holding her, his chin still on her head, his hands caressing her.

‘Hmmm’, he said intensely

‘That coffee you promised almost an hour back’, she replied seriously.

And then arched her back to look at him and started laughing. He laughed back apologising to her.

‘I am so sorry… With you, I just don’t realise where the time goes.’Randeep answered sincerely.

He went towards the beverage table and switched on the coffee machine. Ruhi came and stood by him. He held her again and kissed her on her cheek.

Just then there was a knock on the door.

Ruhi was startled and suddenly conscious. Randeep assured her he will handle it.

He asked her to step into the other room.

As he opened the main door, he saw Shelly standing there.

'Sir, sorry to bother you but dinner has been served in the dining hall. The others are waiting for you to join them.' Shelly said apologetically.

'Oh yes. Sorry I lost track of time. I will be there in five.' Randeep said putting on his most charming smile.

Shelly left intoxicated by Randeep's smile.

Randeep locked the door and Ruhi came to him. 'I guess we will have to do coffee some other time, Randeep,'. Ruhi said.

'No, No we will do coffee today. Guess what, why don’t you come to my room after dinner. We will spend the night discussing coffee, you and me.' Randeep said with boyish innocence.

Ruhi laughed. 'And what happens to sleep, the presentation tomorrow, etc etc.?'

Randeep replied jovially, 'We will do all that my love.'

'Oh no Randeep I have to do a million things you have no idea about'. she complained.

Ruhi tried to think of some and then said, 'I have to paint my nails, see.' pointing at her toes.

'So we shall do that too. Ok?' Randeep said.

Ruhi smiled and said 'I have to finish the book I am reading too.'

Randeep pulled her close and said, 'I shall read the book to you too.'

She looked up to him then and said, 'Why do you have to be so irresistable?'

Randeep laughed, 'I was born this way you know. Apparently the gynaec who delivered me fell in love with me instantly. Haven’t had much success after I grew up though.'

Ruhi mock hit him at his joke. He laughed trying to protect himself. He then touched her ear where she wore the same diamond earrings he had once searched for her. His touch made her shiver.

'I think you should lose your earrings once again tonite and we shall spend the night finding them. Sounds good?'

'Sounds yummy,' she said, her voice thick with desire and the feelings he was arousing in her by caressing his fingers against her ear and neck.

'Well then, go on to your room. Get ready and come for dinner. I shall pick you up for a date right after that.' he ordered.

She nodded like a good student.

'And yes, get your nail polish, your earrings and my Ruhi too with you.' he said teasingly.

'Noted sir,' she said.

He kissed her now whole heartedly and she kissed him back, their hearts racing wildly, their bodies on fire.

Randeep just couldn’t stop and Ruhi just didn’t want to stop him.

Finally he used all his will power to stop himself and said, 'Now go before I forget all about dinner and the fact that I am the CEO and my team is waiting for me for dinner', his voice laced with desire and he breathing heavily.

She herself felt shaken and lost in the lift as she made her way down. For how long could she protect her heart from Randeep. He had captured it already, not just her heart but mind, soul, every pore of her body, just about everything she thought was hers till today.

And in her heart, she felt real happiness after a long, long time.

……to be continued.

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