Ankahee Chapter 25

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Episode 25

Ruhi was silent for quite some time while Randeep waited. She didn’t know how to get out of this dilemma without being unfair to either of the two men.

Randeep finally broke the silence. ‘Look Ruhi if there is something you are not comfortable sharing, I am sorry. I just asked cos I wanted to know if you too reciprocate any of Suhail’s feelings. Not my domain yes, but it would just put my mind to rest. I wouldn’t bother you anymore if I know that Suhail and you…..’.

Ruhi came upto him then and said, ‘No Randeep there is nothing between me and Suhail. You can rest assured. Maybe as you suggest Suhail might have a liking for me but from my side there is nothing.’

Randeep let out a sigh. It was almost as if he had been carrying a burden. He seemed relieved.

He came closer to her. His voice quivered as he spoke, his breath heavy. She could smell his after shave, a deep oceanic fragrance. It was heady and she had to really resist walking into his arms.

‘I know I am making myself quite vulnerable by saying this but I love you so much that to even think someone else might be interested in you, is killing.’ Randeep confessed.

Ruhi half smiled shaken by his confession. She wanted to caress his face, confess back that she shared similar feelings but that would be giving wind to fire. She looked down and then walked away from him.

‘Randeep I want to tell you something. Its only fair I think, but you will have to promise me you wont come hard on Suhail for it. He is already repentant about it,’ Ruhi looked at Randeep with pleading eyes.

‘Has he made any advances towards you’?, his eyes flashed with jealousy and anger.
‘Oh no no Randeep. Nothing of that sort’. Before Randeep could come to any more conclusions, Ruhi breathlessly told him everything that happened that night. Randeep listened with rapt attention.

Ruhi stopped finally and again looking at him with pleading eyes, ‘Promise me you wont reprimand him for this. Please.. for my sake’, She begged of him.

Randeep took her hand in his and smiled, ‘If you plead like that, I could let all the criminals of this country free.’ Ruhi blushed at his statement.

‘Thanks Randeep’, she whispered.

She felt relieved, in fact lighter that she had told him the truth. She trusted him and his word. She knew he would never let Suhail know that he now knew about the accident.

Suddenly she felt happy. She had unknowingly been carrying a lot of baggage and now she really felt free in the true sense.

She stepped forward and to show her happiness hugged Randeep. As she hugged him, she said in his ears, ‘Thank you.. I should have told you earlier. I don’t know why I kept this from you.’

He held her shoulders and she tilted back to look at him.

‘Trust me more next time Ruhi.’, he said to her.

‘I do’, she said softly.

‘Trust me enough to come and have coffee with me in my room’, he dared her.

‘Yes’, she whispered. ‘Without a doubt’.

‘Come then’. He took her hand firmly in hers as she clasped her fingers in his.

They both left the terrace and walked through the corridor holding each others hand.

They both didn’t know what the future held but for now it was safe in each others hands as Randeep swiped the card to open his room door.

……to be continued.

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