Ankahee Chapter 21

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Episode 21

Ruhi saw Randeep’s face change a thousand expressions. It went from hurt to disbelief to disappointment and finally anger.

He got up from where he was sitting and walked towards her.

Ruhi wasn’t sure what Randeep would do. She knew he wouldn’t harm her in any way ever. She trusted him that way but could he harm himself?

He stopped just an inch away from her. His voice choked with emotion as he spoke.

‘Since you have decided anyways, could I or do I have the right to atleast know the reason for this sudden change of plans?’, he blurted out trying to control his anger.

‘Randeep… I know I caught you off guard but listen to me… I really really value your feelings for me. I will not deny that I am terribly attracted towards you.. But an affair with you, my boss, a marrried man, would get tongues wagging not only in office but also in the media, don’t you realise that?,' Ruhi tried pleading with him.

'Oh so you are bothered about everyone except me and you, isnt it?' Randeep shot back.

'More about you than me,' Ruhi answered.

Randeep held her hand and softened and said, ‘And what If I told you I don’t care what people say about me? I have had enough of a clean reputation to last me a lifetime. I now want to live my life with the one I want to. What would you say to that Ruhi?’

‘It isnt that easy Randeep. You are married. I am still married.’, Ruhi tried pleading, her eyes misty with emotion. She knew deep down she so wanted to be with him but she knew it was pure fantasy.

Randeep saw her misty eyes and held her by the shoulder. ‘Why wont you give us a chance Ruhi? Why wont you? Why do you want to run away?’

Ruhi knew if she went in his arms, all her steely resolve she was trying to portray would melt away.

She walked out of his arms to keep her sanity and turned the other way.

‘Because that’s good for both of us, Randeep. And then I am still not sure if I love you. Attracted yes, love I don’t know.’ Ruhi tried to sound as convincing as she could.

Randeep came around her and looked at her. He looked at her for what seemed like eternity.

Finally he spoke. This time he was calm. She was suprised at his composure.

‘Ruhi if the problem is that you don’t know whether you love me or not, then let me be fair to you. I give you my word that I will not impose myself upon you till you are sure of your feelings. In fact I will stay as far away from you as I can, till you don’t accept and come to me saying you love me.’ He said his voice all sincere and composed.

Ruhi couldn’t believe what he had just said.

‘Yes Ruhi you heard me right. You will not see or hear from me anymore till you come to me and tell me you want me in your life. Fine?’ he asked.

Ruhi wasn’t sure what to do.

Randeep continued, ‘And in return of my word to you, I want you to promise me that you will not leave the job or this city. My love isn’t worthy of you having to leave everything you have got.’

Ruhi felt really bad now as she fought back her tears. Why did life have to be so complicated? Why couldn’t she just forget all the baggage they both carried and just fly into his arms and kiss him?

But she held her resolve. Maybe the solution he was offering was perfect.

If he stayed away from her maybe it wont be so difficult to stay professional and not fall for him, she thought.

‘Come on girl. You have my word. Can I have yours?’, Randeep asked her holding her face now with his hands.

She tried to resist her tears from spilling over. His proximity only made things more difficult.

He looked equally shaken and misty eyed but continued nevertheless.

‘Your word Ruhi, I want your word. If you don’t love me then working for me shouldn’t be a problem, right?’ he whispered.

She stare at him. He looked as if he had aged five years in such a short time. She shook her head then, in a yes.

‘I promise’, she whispered.

‘Well then. I am out of your way for good Ruhi. You wont have to worry about me anymore.’ He whispered. A moment passed between them. There was silence all around. It was as if time had stopped. Only their heart beats were heard.

And then all of a sudden he walked away, closing the door behind him.

His tears spilled now as he got down the staircase. Yes he had to step back on his love to prevent her from moving away from his life. He could maybe live without her love but not being able to see her at all would have been cruel. He had atleast managed to keep her in the city, his city. Atleast now he could breathe the same air she breathed.

And there behind that closed door of flat num 601 of Shalimar society, Ruhi lay in a heap on the floor, tears spilling out of her eyes and with a sinking feeling in her stomach of the world having walked out on her. She had lost happiness the second time in her life. And this time she had driven it out of the door herself!

…… be continued.

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