Ankahee Chapter 20

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Episode 20

Ruhi woke up to see Randeep standing near her. Was she dreaming?

‘How are you feeling now?’, his voice boomed for real.

No, it cant be a dream. But when had he come in? And where was Janisha?

Just then Janisha walked in, ‘Coffee is here. Wake up Ruhi. Randeep has been staring at you for past 10 minutes.’, Janisha smiled naughtily.

Ruhi rolled her eyes at Janisha and gave an embarrassing smile to Randeep as she got up in a sitting position.

Randeep sportingly laughed along, ‘You were sleeping so deeply. I just didn’t feel like waking you up.’, he confessed.

They all were grateful for the coffee and sipped on it as Randeep made idle talk with Janisha asking what she did and where she lived.

Soon Janisha got up and asked for their leave as she had to go to office. She told Randeep to call her in case he needed her later in the day, otherwise she would definitely drop in at night to stay over with Ruhi.She kissed Ruhi and Ruhi muttered a heartfelt thanks to her, as she rushed out.

The door closed shut and Randeep moved in closer on Ruhi’s bed to give her a hug. She hugged him back and lingered there. It felt good to be in his arms.

‘You shouldn’t have bothered coming in so early Randeep. I would have seen you in office anyways’. Ruhi said.

‘No one is going to office Ruhi. Not you, Not me.’ He said still hugging her.

She started to resist and come out of the hug but he held her firmly, smiling to himself.

‘I don’t work on Saturdays and neither should you, especially when you aren’t well and have just fainted last night in your boss’s arms.’, he elaborated.

She smiled and relaxed then. ‘Oh I didn’t realise it was the weekend.’

She then pulled away from him and asked, ‘So on a weekend morning when you are supposed to relax and chill and generally take it easy, why are you here Mr. Kapadia’?, she asked with a childlike innocence.

‘To relax and chill and generally take it easy Ms. Manral.’, he smilingly offered.

She laughed and he joined in the laughter. He always felt happy, lighter in her presence.

She excused herself to freshen up. He looked around her room trying to see bits of her in everything she possessed. The curtains, the pictures, the books, her healing stones, her desk, everything reflected who she was.

He had never seen her home so closely before. It was bright and airy and happy. Breezy curtains with floral patterns, fresh flowers in the vase, floral cushions, ‘She likes flowers’, he realised and curse himself for not getting her a bunch.

He wandered then into her balcony and saw lots of flowers blooming. She clearly had a green thumb. Had to. If she could heal people, she surely could heal plants and nurture them.

The wind chimes made calming sound and he rested his back on the balcony railing waiting for her to emerge.

She walked in looking fresh and bathed and with wet hair in a cotton skirt and a floral top.

She walked towards him and asked him what he wanted for breakfast. He was tempted to name her but he didn’t want to scare her away.

He said, ‘I can take you out for breakfast. You can also tell me then what was stressing you out yesterday in office’.

She noddded, ‘Breakfast out seems a good idea.’ She went inside to grab her purse. He waited for her.

When she emerged from the bedroom, he just couldn’t resist and pulled her into his arms.

‘Sorry but its too difficult to resist doing this’, he groaned as his mouth found her even before she could resist. Her hands automatically went to his hair and she raised her toes slightly to be able to meet his kiss in entirety. He caressed her back as he kissed her and she returned it with equal passion and force.

They stopped to catch their breath. And she said to him, ‘I think we should stay here and have breakfast. We wont be able to kiss in a public place, could we?’.

He agreed wholeheartedly. She was right. They both rushed to the kitchen to make some eggs and toast. He kept kissing her neck and her back as she tried to move around the kitchen. The breakfast somehow got done amidst some kisses and laughter and bonhomie.

As they settled down to eat, they both realised how hungry they were.

He had barely eaten last night and so had she. They ate in silence.

Finally Ruhi asked, ‘Was everything ok with Nimmi’?

Randeep nodded his head, ‘Yes so far so good.’

Ruhi didn’t know if she should probe further or not but decided not to ask anything further.

Randeep now pulled his chair closer to her on the dining table and asked her, ‘What is bothering you Ruhi? I am dying to know. I don’t want you stressing over anything. You ex-husband wanting you back, I will figure out a way. Is there anything else?’

Ruhi now got up and stood facing the other way. His last statement had jolted her back to reality. Anupriya’s words came rushing back to her. He indeed was the best guy she could ever find but he was her boss and he was married.

She knew it would be suicidal to get him out of his life but she knew no other way.

She had to be really strong to even say what she was thinking now. She really liked him but it was too risky to have an affair with the boss, a married one.

She closed her eyes and tried making a steely resolve when all she wanted to do was go running back in his arms and kiss him again.

She could play with her reputation but not his. His name carried a lot of weight and to be linked with her would be fodder for gossip for everyone. Yes, she would have to be the one making the first move. She want sure how he would react but she had to take the chance, at the risk of losing it all.

She finally turned around and said gathering all her strength. ‘Randeep I am thinking of resigning from the job and moving back to Bangalore with my mom.’

Randeep tried to digest what she had just said. His face expressed a thousand emotions from hurt to anger to disbelief in just a few seconds.

Ruhi wasn’t sure now if she had done the right thing.

………to be continued.

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