Ankahee Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

All he wished now was that no one came till eternity. All he wished now that she remained seated there forever. She spoke almost reading his thoughts. ‘You came in early Randeep. No one is here yet’.

‘But you are here’. He said. ‘And that's enough’, he wanted to add. But he held his tongue in check.

‘Yes I came in early just to gather my thoughts. I always, usually do, before a meeting’.

‘And you have scattered my thoughts all over’, he wanted to say but kept quiet.

‘You look tired.' She said looking at him a bit concerned.

No one had said that to him, not with that lovely concern. He didn't know what to say. ‘You hire me out, don't let me sleep’, should he say this once and for all, he asked himself.

‘Hmmm, just long days and long meetings’, he lied.

‘You just take care of yourself. You work very hard’. She said.

‘That's the only thing I know’, he replied. He wanted to say, ‘Yes I am tired. I want to sleep next to you, in your arms with you caressing my hair.’

She observed him for a minute. He felt her intense gaze on him. He looked away, noticing the notepad she was scribbling on. ‘You doodle?’

‘Yes, sometimes’. She smiled. Not very good at it though. But what the hec.. It's for myself, and it makes me happy.’ Then she caught him unawares. ‘What makes you happy?'

He was stumped. He didn't have an answer to that. Or maybe he did. He just didn't know how to say it to her.

‘I am happy right now, sitting in this room, just you and me’, he wanted to say.

Almost as if she read his thoughts, ‘I wonder where everyone is. Should you and I just do the meeting?’

‘What meeting? All I want to do is reach out and hug you. If you and I are alone in a room, meetings should be the last thing we should do.’ Again putting his tongue in check, he said, ‘They will come. It's alright. Very rarely do you get this breather in between meetings’.

‘Should I go out? Do you want to just chill for a bit? I am sorry to have taken your space.’ She said looking at him.
‘No No, if you go out, this room will be cold again. You are the warmth I need. I wish you and I never have to leave this room.’ He was embarrassed at his own thoughts. Thank God words didn't speak aloud.

‘No, please be here. It's fine. It's nice to chat with you’. He said.

Her phone beeped. She read the message and smiled. He fought a twinge of jealousy. ‘Could she have a boyfriend? A man who loved her every evening? Did the very things to her he wanted to do?’ Damn, he cursed under his breath.

She looked up startled at his whisper.

He opened his iPad, just to distract himself from her. He saw a mail pop up. He said, ‘The mail’s here. The one we all have been waiting for’.

Excited she walked around the table towards him. She came close as she bent down to read what he wanted to show her.

Her face now was inches away from him. He stopped breathing, or so he thought. He soaked in her fragrance. He didn't know she would walk to him like that. But she was like that. Always doing exactly what she wanted to do. She didn't think things over like he did. She just did.

As she read the mail, he stole a look at her. He had seen her many times before, thousand times, a million times in his head but never this close. He fought an involuntary urge to touch her cheek. And then suddenly she turned towards him, her face beaming with happiness. We did it Randeep, she exclaimed.

She reached out her hand towards him. He took it in hers. They were warm. He didn't want to let her go.

She asked him. ‘You happy?' And without leaving her hand, clasping them firmly in his hands, he said, ‘Yes, I am happy, really happy’. And this time he was speaking the truth. She broke into a smile hearing that. And he smiled with her. It was easy to smile when she was around. Always!

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