Ankahee Chapter 18

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Ep 18

Randeep’s heart raced madly. He just couldn’t bear to see Ruhi lying lifeless in his arms. For a minute or two he couldn’t fathom what he should do.

Then he braced himself, calmed his own self and forced himself to think straight.

Carefully he lifted her in his arms while continuing to call out her name. He gently lay her on the bed silently wishing for her to open her eyes. He rushed to find water in the kitchen and immediately brought back some and sprinkled on her gently urging her to open her eyes. His heart was sinking. He was very very scared of losing her. He had just found her.

He forced himself to think positive.

The sprinkling of water nudged her back to consciousness. She tried opening her eyes trying to focus on who was in front of her.

Seeing her open her eyes, he felt a deep breath leaving his body. It was almost as if he hadn’t taken a breath since the time she collapsed in front of him.

He supported her with his arms as she struggled to get up. He held her close to him with one hand, sitting next to her and simultaneously trying to dial his doctor.

Soon a voice came on the phone.

‘Dr. This is Randeep. Could you quickly head over to…’, he struggled to remember where she lived. …Uh… Shalimar society in Khar West?’, Randeep asked Dr. Kapoor.

‘Of course Randeep… Will be there. But meanwhile can you tell me what is the problem so I can advise you what to do till I get there?’

Randeep rattled off all that had happened. Ruhi tried to gather all that he was saying. His voice had a deep concern, he seemed very shaken and she could see his deep love for her in his words.

‘Ok, just give her something to drink like a lemon juice or energy drink… Take her pulse.. Maybe her bp dropped suddenly… And keep her hands and feet warm. I will be there in 15.’ Said Dr. Kapoor.

Randeep was glad to hear the last sentence. He kept the phone, turned to Ruhi and hugged her tight. He kissed her gently on her forehead. She seemed dazed.

‘I will get you something to drink’, he muttered. As he got up she offered a weak, ‘I am ok Randeep’.

He held her hand and said, ‘Yes you will be soon. I wont let anything happen to you’. Saying so, he again hugged her and kissed her on her cheek.

Reluctantly he went away from her and scouted her fridge for something to drink. Luckily he found a can of orange juice. He poured out some and rushed to her.

‘Have this’, he said sitting next to her and holding her with his arms on her shoulders.

As she sipped meekly, he took her other hand to count her pulse. Ruhi observed him as he did that. He was concentrating on it as if not hers, his life depended on it.

Satisfied he left her and eat and sat on the opposite side and touched her feet, she immediately pulled her legs back.

He pulled them towards her and started rubbing her feet to keep them warm. She resisted but he would have none of it.

‘I am ok Randeep… please trust me’, Ruhi said.

‘Will do when the doctor tells me the same. You collapsed like a lifeless doll and you are telling me you are ok?’ Randeep retorted.

Ruhi sighed. She knew Randeep was headstrong.

‘You were to have dinner with Nimmi tonite na?’, she asked.

‘Yes, I just couldn’t resist seeing you for 5 minutes before I headed home. But am I glad now that I trusted my hunch?’, he asked her.

Ruhi smiled. How did he know? This was definitely some telepathy.

She urged him to come and sit next to her. He gave in and sat next to her holding her again as if he feared she would collapse again.

Ruhi looked at him and holding his hands said, ‘Once the doctor says I am ok, promise me you will head home’.

He looked surprised at her. Was she for real?

‘Please Randeep. I am sure its important for Nimmi.’ She pleaded.

‘Right now you and your well being is more important than anything else’, Randeep offered.

She kept pleading and finally managed to convince him to call her friend Janisha over for the night.

Janisha was Ruhi’s best friend in the city. They had been colleagues at Ruhi’s previous work place and they were inseperable.

Janisha immediately agreed to come over on hearing about Ruhi’s condition.

Randeep again re-iterated, ‘Janisha or no Janisha, I will go only if the doc says you are ok’.

Ruhi nodded as she lay her head on his shoulder. He held her close and kissed her head. His hand kept caressing her hand.

‘What made you collapse Ruhi?’, he gently asked.

Before she could answer, he continued, ‘And tell me the truth. I wont take anything else for an answer’.

Ruhi now moved in a little more closer to him. She needed his warmth and strength to be able to repeat what she had heard.

‘Randeep… I… I got a call rom my ex-husband’. She said, her voice shivering.

Sensing the fear in her voice, he pulled himself a bit a bit away to look at her.

‘What does he want’?, He asked angrily.

‘The court has passed a verdict for the two of us to live together for 6 months for a reconciliation’, she whispered, her tears escaping her eyes.

He couldn’t believe what she told him. He wiped a tear from her face and then hugged her tight. He couldn’t let that happen. How could he? He knew her ex husband didn’t love her. He just wanted her back for vindication.

Ruhi sobbed in his arms as he searched for some consolation to give her. But before he could say anything, Dr. Kapadia arrived.

And soon Janisha joined them.

Dr. Kapadia attributed her fainting to a sudden drop in pulse. He left after prescribing medicines and a host of instructions for Randeep and Janisha.

Randeep’s phone kept ringing throughout.

Finally at Ruhi’s behest he told Nimmi he would be reaching in half an hour.

Nimmi cribbed at the delay but told him she would be waiting.

On his way home Randeep wondered what Nimmi wanted to discuss. He wanted so badly to be with Ruhi tonight.

Her look when she had told him about her ex-husband just didn’t leave him. He just wanted to hold her in his arms all night and wipe the fear away.

Janisha had assured him she would take good care of Ruhi. When Janisha had gone to the kitchen to make dinner arrangements, Randeep had stolen a moment to hug Ruhi tightly and whisper to her that he would be back in the morning.

As Randeep walked into his own home tired and distraught, he pulled himself up to hide his stress from Nimmi.

After the pleasantries and a little brief on her trip, they sat down for dinner.

The house was unusually quiet without the servants. Nimmi had ordered all of Randeeps’ favourite dishes, he noticed.

‘And the special treatment tonite is for?’, he asked his wife smilingly, trying to hide the storm rising in his heart.

‘A wish I want you to fulfil’. Nimmi said lovingly.

‘I am your genie. Ask and you shall receive.’ Randeep said charmingly as he poured himself some wine to drown the thoughts of Ruhi.

‘I want to have our baby, Randeep.’ said Nimmi calmly.

Randeep felt as if someone had punched him in the stomach.

………to be continued.

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