Ankahee Chapter 14

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Episode 14

As Ruhi walked towards the private lawns, she wondered if she had done the right thing by challenging Randeep. Men were known not to take provocation in the right sense. But she was angry with Randeep. He was not her guardian. She had a right to her life and the way she wanted to live it. Why was it ok for him to walk into her house at midnight and not ok for Suhail to do the same?

She remembered arguing about rights and wrongs with her dad even as a 5 year old. Why was it different for men and women? If she could handle her professional career like a pro, she very well was capable of handling her personal life as well. If Randeep was worried about her safety, he could have had a sane conversation with her. What was the point of passing such a sexist remark? She had attributed much more maturity to him. Maybe that's why she was angry with him.

But there was no more time to think it over. It was done now. She saw Randeep staring away into the distance with his back towards her. She moved towards him slowly, unsure about what to say.

Hearing her foot steps he turned. She stood there waiting for him to say something.

He walked towards her with much determination. She held her breath. All this felt very surreal. Practically their whole office was on the other side and here they were, two of them in a very very uncomfortable scenario.

As Randeep came and stood in front of her, she looked up at him. His eyes had the softness she had always associated with him. She was surprised. Wasn't he angry with her? Or was she reading him wrong?

‘You look gorgeous tonight, you know that right?’ whispered Randeep.

She felt weak in her stance now but was determined not to let that show. ‘Flattery will not spare you the truth Randeep’, she said with as much courage as she could muster.

He half smiled. This is what he liked about her. She just wouldn't bow to something she didn't feel was right. You couldn't intimidate her, not with position, not with power.

He started speaking. ‘Ruhi, I owe you an apology. I didn't realise what got into me that day.’

Ruhi cut him, ‘You promised the truth Randeep and that's not the truth’.

‘You sure you won't hold it against me should I tell you the truth’? Randeep asked meekly like a kid who was asking his mother not to punish him for having the sweets. He looked vulnerable now, she noticed.

She nodded a no.

Assured he moved closer to her. Her heart beat raced a million beats a minute.

‘Can I just say that I just couldn't bear the sight of another man in your home?’, He offered.

‘But why?’, Ruhi prodded him.

He moved an inch closer. He lifted his hand to caress her cheek. As his hand touched her skin, he whispered, ‘Because I have fallen deeply, madly, crazily in love with you and I cannot bear the thought of anyone else being close to you. However mad that sounds, that is the truth’. He concluded.

She raised her hand and kept it on his hand lying on her cheek as if to stop him from caressing it more. It was driving her crazy anyway.

‘But when… I mean why? I mean you are married.. Oh God… When did this happen Randeep?’ she whispered slowly, thoroughly confused.

He cupped her face now in both his hands, ‘Maybe yesterday, maybe on the beach, maybe when I found your earrings on the first day, maybe when you offered me a hug, I don't know when. I just know that from this moment, I want to spend each breath of mine next to you’. His voice was hoarse with emotions now.

‘I have died a million times everyday trying not to show my feelings. Tried telling myself that you are better off without me. Tried to forget you. Tried to stay away from you but you know what Ruhi, I just can't help it. I am like a hurtling star being pulled by you towards you.’, Randeep whispered.

Ruhi was feeling intoxicated now with his proximity, his confession, his charged voice.

‘But Randeep…’ she tried to say…

He cut her, ‘All I want to do every time I see you is this’.

And then without wasting any time he moved closer towards her, kissing her lips as she arched her face towards him. He first kissed her gently as her hands automatically went and lay on his chest. He deepened his kiss now and she moved her hands on his back tightening the hug.

He had been without touch for too long and she without a man for too long. Somehow their bodies understood that as they moved and arched and shifted to fit into each other.

They would have continued for much longer had a sudden spurt of conversations hadn't erupted from the other side. It was evident Raichand had walked in.

Ruhi and Randeep separated from each other. Ruhi’s face showed panic but Randeepwas cool. He told her, ‘I have no intention of ending it like this. But more of us later. Go on from this side towards the lobby. It's the back entry. You can freshen up and come from the main lobby. I will go and meet Mr. Raichand ‘. Randeep instructed her just like a boss.

She still looked dazed and confused and vulnerable. He couldn't resist it and hugged her, caressing her back and whispering into her ears. ‘I will handle it Ruhi. My marriage, Mr. Raichand, our misunderstandings, everything… just go now.. I promise I will have answers to everything you want after this evening’, he said in an assuring voice.

She trembled in his arms, choked with emotion, not understanding what was happening but still feeling it was right. He had said he would take care of everything and for now she would believe it.

As she freed herself from his arms and walked away, he looked after her. ‘I will make it all right Ruhi. It will be all right, both for you and me’. Their kiss had left him hungry for more but he also felt fulfilled like never before.

‘I could take on the world with you on my side,’ he whispered to himself as he walked towards the lawns with a happy smile on his face.

…….to be continued

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  • “He had been without touch for too long and she without a man for too long”

    ‘I could take on the world with you on my side,

    What a passion…what a love…AMAZING!

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