Ankahee Chapter 13

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Episode 13

The happenings of last night flashed in front of Ruhi’s eyes. She was too tired last night to really analyse what had happened. The morning had passed by in a heavy blur. As she now sat in her cushioned chair sipping on a hot coffee the office boy Rampal brought in for her, she couldn't but help think about what Randeep had said.

Suhail’s anger she could understand. He knew Randeep wouldn't have taken kindly to his drunken driving that would either kill or harm a person and hence bring a bad name to the company. Suhail wanted to protect his job and she understood his anger to see Randeep there.

But why was Randeep so angry? Was she missing something? Was he jealous of suhail? Wait a minute, she told herself. Did Randeep really care for her in a different way than she thought he did? Was there something she had missed?

His eyes had spilled venom last night. He looked angry like she had never seen him before. But why? Why couldn't Suhail stay at her home for a night? It could just be that he had stayed back after a party at her place because he was too drunk or tired. But why did it bother Randeep so much to see him there? She dare not think of the word love but was Randeep in love with her? She chided herself in a second for being so presumptuous and assuming things on her own.

So lost was she ruminating over the last nights events that she didn't even realise when Anupriya, her colleague had walked in and was glaring at her.

‘Someone’s really lost in another world’, she complained taking a chair. ‘I have been staring at you for past 219 seconds’.

‘Stop exaggerating’, Ruhi made eyes at Anu.

‘What's gotten in you? Doesn't look like you got much sleep last night,’, Anu remarked.

Ruhi agreed that nothing was further from the truth. Anu sighed, ‘Same here ya. Just couldn't sleep. Anand didn't call the whole of last evening. And I spent the whole night wondering why. Men I tell you.’

‘Must be busy at work. Stop being overcritical and analysing so much,’ she advised Anu. Strangely her alter voice said to her that she could use the same advice too. Ruhi gulped knowing it was true.

‘Any idea where Randeep is’? Ruhi asked conscious today of asking about his whereabouts.

‘Heard there is a dinner with the organisation head to celebrate the launch. O shit. Had come to tell you about it and completely forgot. It's compulsory’, Anu blurted out all at one go.

‘Oh’, that was all Ruhi could say. Facing Randeep was a task today and to face him among a group of people where despite the tension, they had to behave as a team, was tougher. Was there anything else which could add to her stress? she wondered.

Anu rushed off blurting something about finishing work. Ruhi hesitantly switched on her laptop. She dreaded the evening.

Randeep was all gung ho about leaving for Hong Kong when Mr. Raichand, his group CEO had called to inform him about the celebratory dinner. Normally Randeep was always excited to meet the dynamic 70 year old but today he just didn't feel the excitement.

Raichand asked Randeep to bring the entire team to The Oberoi. Randeep nodded a yes. Raichand then made a special mention of Ruhi and hearing her name, Randeep’s heart skipped a beat.

How was he going to face her?, he wondered.

Thankfully he hadn't booked his tickets. He could probably work from home and go straight for the dinner, he told himself.

Everyone was excited about the dinner except Ruhi and Randeep.

Ruhi decided to stay away from Randeep as far as possible. Randeep decided to stay away from Ruhi as much as he could. Both certainly didn't want to create a scene in front of Mr. Raichand.

Ruhi dressed in a smart pant suit made her way. Her hair fell in a wavy tousle on her shoulders. She had used a bit of makeup to cover the bags under her eyes but she looked radiant. No one except her knew what a havoc last night had created.

As she nursed a drink in her hand in one corner of the lush lawns of The Oberoi, a familiar voice startled her. ‘Hope you slept well last night Ruhi’, said Randeep in a bitter tone but with a smile on his face.

Ruhi almost choked on her drink but put on a grave face as she turned around and faced Randeep. He looked dapper in a grey suit, his salt pepper hair defying his age, in fact it made him stand out from the rest of the men folk giving him a clear edge. She felt drawn towards his eyes which were cold today and not the ones which always spilled warmth.

She chided herself for noticing his looks rather than his sarcastic question and finally said, ‘What's your problem Randeep? The fact that Suhail was in my house or the fact that you weren't in his place?’ Randeep’s eyes flashed anger as Ruhi’s eyes challenged him.

She knew she had hit him directly where it hurt. She regretted saying what she had said but there was no turning back.

He now menacingly moved close to her, almost towering above her.

‘You want to know the answer, Ruhi? Because if you are sure you want know the answer, trust me I will tell you exactly that’, he added threateningly.

Ruhi wasn't sure if she really wanted to know but her ego prevented her from backing out now.

‘Yes, I demand an answer’, she challenged him.

‘Cool then. Meet me by in the private lawn by the swimming pool. We have about 15 minutes before Raichand arrives. You will have the truth and nothing but the truth’, Randeep said looking into her eyes and then turning away to walk towards the private lawns.

Ruhi knew she had taken it too far and there was no way she could retract her steps now.

She started walking towards the private lawns not knowing what lay on the other side for her.

…….to be continued

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