Ankahee Chapter 12

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Episode 12

Ruhi looked Suhail straight in the eye and said, ‘This is my home Suhail, in case you are too drunk to notice. And anyone can come to my house. I guess that's why you are here in the first place.’, She said firmly.

Suhail replied looking away, ‘I refuse to believe Randeep just landed here on the night I wanted to avoid him.’

‘Too bad Suhail it turned out like that, but I wasn't expecting Randeep. He just decided to drop in just like you decided to barge in on a day when all I wanted to do was sleep.’, Ruhi shot back.

Suhail looked guilty now. He turned to Ruhi, came close to her. ‘I know I have inconvenienced you Ruhi but believe me…’

Ruhi cut him sharply. ‘Way, believe you? You who is refusing to believe me in my own house and accusing me of things I can't even think of? You know what Mr. Suhail, I think you should just get an auto and go home to your own bed.’

Suhail started to say something but Ruhi’s sharp glance stopped him. Ruhi was clearly very angry.

Ruhi stepped ahead and opened the door. She kept holding the door open for him. Finally, Suhail yielded and wore his shoes. Ruhi kept standing near the door, her face stoic.

As he walked through the door, SUHAIL again turned and said, ‘Ruhi I am..’

‘Good night Suhail’, she cut him and shut the door and walked in.

She was tired, really tired. How could a day of victories turn into this sorry state of affairs?, she wondered.

She walked towards her room and sat down on the edge of the bed. She ran her fingers through her hair. She was really angry and she wondered why she was so angry. Was it really SUHAIL she was angry it or was it what Randeep had said that bothered her?

Finally she sighed and got up. She couldn't spend one more sleepless night. She hunted in her bedside drawer for a sleeping pill, gulped it down and put off the lights. She wasn't going to let anyone rob her of her sleep. Not tonite, atleast.

Randeep stared into the horizon. He felt empty, lost, angry. Why hadn't Ruhi told him Suhail was there in her house? Were they having an affair? Was she trying to hide it from him? Then why had she been so gentle with him, leaned against him? The thoughts were driving him mad.

He had behaved quite a bit out of character tonite but seeing another man in Ruhi’s home had completely driven him nuts. He realised how possessive he felt about her, how much in love he had fallen with her!

He sat on his favourite couch in the balcony, his arm twitched again with pain. Tonite the pain was due to Ruhi, he thought. The same person who had relieved him of it a day before.

So much had changed in a matter of 24 hours.

Ruhi’s head ached when she walked into office the next day. It felt heavy due to the sleeping pill. She hated it but had no option but to let it wear off. She regretted resorting to a pill.

Unknowingly her eyes went upwards Randeep’ cabin. It was empty. Her eyes looked around but She didn't see him. It was unusual of him to be late to work. In her heart she was glad she didn't have to face him right away.

Randeep lay in his bed not wanting to wake up at all. He had barely slept a wink. His arm pained like hell. The thought of seeing Ruhi was really depressing. If she and Suhail were more than friends, he hated the fact and if it wasn't what he was thinking, he hated himself for being such a prick.

How would he face her? How would they work together? God, what had he landed himself in! For the first time in his life he felt helpless.

The phone rang and it was Nimmi. He had to take her call and wished his voice didn't give away what he was feeling. She seemed quite chirpy and he was happy to know that.

The conference was going extremely well. In fact she was scheduled to speak that evening in front of a very reputed audience.

‘Wish you were here Randeep’, Nimmi said earnestly.

And then it struck him. He could actually fly down to Nimmi and get away for a few days. This way he didn't have to face Ruhi instantly and he could get his mind clear around things. In fact Nimmi would be happy to see him. He instantly got up, suddenly energised with the thought.

In office, Ruhi now was getting impatient. Where was Randeep and why wasn't he in office. It was already past 12…..

To be continued…...

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